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Resp/Circ Review

Review for Assessment

What is the purpose or role of the respiratory system? Exchange gases between the body and environment
This organ is not an organ in the respiratory system. The heart
What is the path that oxygen takes as it enters the body? Nose - windpipe - lungs - alveoli
What large muscle controls your lungs? The diaphragm
Which part of the respiratory system has tiny hair-like objects that filter the air? It also warms and moistens the air. The nose
What tubes divide and connect your windpipe (in your throat) to your lungs? Bronchial tubes
When you breathe in, _____________ enters the body. oxygen
When you breathe out, _____________ exits the body. Carbon Dioxide
Inside of the lungs, there are tiny air sacs shaped like balloons (or bundles of grapes) that exchange gases between lungs and blood vessels. What are they called? Alveoli
_____________ is a waste product of the body. Carbon Dioxide
What is the purpose or function of the circulatory system? Transport gases and nutrients around the body
These systems work together to meet the needs of the cell for food, oxygen and waste removal. The digestive, Circulatory and Respiratory Systems
This organ is NOT a part of the circulatory system? lungs
Which organ is responsible for pumping fluid through your circulatory system? The heart
How many chambers does the heart have? 4
What would cause the heart to beat fastest or work the hardest? Exercising or running
The heart is about the size of ____________. Your fist
What is transported by the circulatory system? Blood cells, water, food molecules, cellular waste
If the circulatory system is a delivery service, then blood vessels would be ___________________. Highways
The largest blood vessels that carry blood away from the heart are called _____________. They also have lots of oxygen. Arteries
The largest blood vessels that carry blood back to the heart are called _____________. They also have lots of carbon dioxide. Veins
This tube, lined with cartilage, allows air to flow clearly to and from the lungs. The trachea
This part of the blood is mostly water; helps carry molecules of food and water through the circulatory system. Plasma
_____________ is the movement of molecules from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration. Diffusion
_________________is the diffusion of water through a cell. Osmosis
Our cell membrane is ____________, which means some molecules can move through the membrane, while others cannot. Semi-Permeable
The circulatory system is made up of tubes called arteries, veins, and ___________________. capillaries
Created by: mrslafond
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