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Wolohon Mod 7 TestRe

Wolohon Mod 7 Test Review

What is the back of the head called? occiput
Energy used to move muscles comes from? Simple Sugars through metabolism
Which muscle adducts/flexes the leg? Sartorius
Which muscle inverts the ankle? Soleus
What is a hernia? Protrusion of a abdominal organ
This infection is toxic and causes muscles not to contract! Botulism
Bending the joint is called Flexion
To move toward the midline is called ADDuctor +
To move away from the midline is called ABDuctor -
Whis is the butt muscle called? Gluteus maximus
What is the large chest muscle called? Pectoralis major
"All of the muscles of the body considered as an interrelated structrual group" The Muscular System
Tenosynovitis is ? Inflammation of the tendon
Palm up ^ Supination
A disease that leads to muscle atrophy (wasting away) Muscular Dysthophy
What makes muscles contract? Electrical impulses
What is the muscular system NOT responsible for? Producing blood and hormones
Muscle fibers overstretched or torn Muscle strain
Internal bleeding in a muscle Contusion
Striated muscle, moves involuntarily, found in the heart Cardiac muscle tissue
What does the perineal muscle do? Assist with defecation, urination and forms the pelic floor.
Myalgia is : muscle pain
When a muscle responds to stimuli? IRRITABILITY
The body moves by muscle pulling on.... Bones
A muscle slightly tense, easily responds, quick! TONE
Weak muscle atrophy
This is NOT a skeletal muscle characteristic. Contracting slowly to nerve response
What muscle wrinkles the forehead, like yours is doing now? Frontalis
What is the name of the muscle in the top of the foot? Extensor Digitorum
What incases the skeletal muscle? Epimysium
Muscle coordination means one muscle contracts while the other.... relaxes
How does a sphincter muscle close? Constriction
Stomach muscle (6 pack ) Rectus abdominis
Major torso muscle that relax/inhale the lungs: Diaphragm
Jaw/jowl muscle Masseter
Abnormal, uncoordinated contraction of muscles Convulsions
Calf muscle Gastrocnemius
Big muscles behind the humerus Triceps
Created by: twolohon