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Latin II Jenney

Jenney 79 Latin II midterm vocab.

clarus clear, bright
finitimus neighboring
pauci a few
reliquus rest of
avis bird
iudex judge
lapis stone
nox night
princeps chief
hortus garden
lex law
virtus courage, bravery
cibus food
modus way, manner
murus wall
vinum wine
cursus running
exercitus army
fluctus wave
impetus attack
etiam also, even
acies line of battle
ianua door
lectus dining couch
spes hope
ago do, drive
cogo collect, compel
duco lead
gero bear, carry on
mitto send
pono put, place
rego rule
relinquo leave behind
surgo rise, stand up
trado hand over, surrender
cedo move, yield
constituo set up, decide
contendo strive, hasten
deligo choose
capio take, capture
conficio finish
conicio hurl
facio make, do
incipio begin
bibo drink
munio fortify, build
pervenio reach, arrive
inquam say
itaque and so, therefore
gaudium joy, gladness
absum be absent
contineo hold together
possum be able, can
certus sure, certain
iniquus uneven, unfair
notus famous, well known
iustus right, just
quam as, than
felix happy, luckyy
tristis sad
Created by: rsmeltzer