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China Ch 13 Test

China Chapter 13

What is China's form of government? Communist - single party controls state-owned means of production with the aim of a classless society.
What was the Long March? Mao and his 600,000 communist followers fled to the mountains to escape defeat by Nationalist government in 1933. They walked 6,000 miles to avoid capture - sign of Mao's dedication to communist cause and the Chinese people.
What happened at Tiananmen Square in 1989? 10,000 students protested as they wanted democracy for China; arrests were made and the government shot into the crowd to break up the uprising - this led to the uprising being put down by the government
Who was Deng Xiaoping? leader who replaced Mao Zedong when he died in 1976; he was more moderate leader who allowed more freedoms for Chinese people eventually
Who was the first communist leader of China? Mao Zedong
How is a communist country different than a democracy? Communist countries have the least amount of personal freedoms; democracy has most amount of freedom.
Who fought in China's first civil war and what was the war about? Mao Zedong and Chiang Kai-Shek over whether communism would be China's form of government.
What changes did Deng Xiaoping bring to China? He allowed farmer's to own some of their own land and make decisions on what to grow, some private businesses were allowed, foreign investment and technological advances were allowed along with being exposed to Western ideas.
Who was the first communist leader of China and what changes occurred when he took control? Mao Zedong made collective farms, private ownership was eliminated, production quotas were made, the Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution were introduced as well as the Red Guard.
What was the Boxer Rebellion? This began in 1899 and the goal was to get rid of foreigners in China. The Boxers were defeated and left Chinese government in turmoil.
What was the Treaty of Nanking? This treaty ended the Opium War in 1842. As a result, China had to pay $21 million to Britain, give British control of Hong Kong, and allow more British trade.
Who was Sun Yat sen (Sun Yixian)? 1912 leader of Nationalist Party that overthrew the Qing Dynasty, an absolute monarchy. Their aim was to end foreign control in China's affairs.
Who is Hu Jintao? Current President of China
What was the purpose of the Cultural Revolution and was it successful? In 1966, its aim was a classless society - students were encouraged to leave school and make war on everything in Chinese society that looked like it encouraged class differences. It lasted 10 years and was not successful.
What happened during the Cultural Revolution? It targeted customs, habits, cultures and thinking of China in order to make war on anything that "created" class system within China.
Who holds the "real power" in China's government? Chinese Communist Party (CCP)
Who were the Red Guards? An array of high school students whose job was to single out and remove anyone who was preventing China from becoming a classless society.
Why did the Qing Dynasty end? Nationalism had grown in China - the Qing Dynasty was overthrown by Nationalist Party and the monarchy was overthrown.
Who makes up China's Executive Branch? President, premier, and cabinet
What were the four olds? They were targeted by the Red Guard - old customs, habits, culture, and thinking.
What was the Taiping Rebellion? This was a peasant revolt led by Hong Xiuguan where they wanted equality for women, foot binding to end, end of private property ownership, Christianity, division of surplus harvest among the poor. It lasted 14 yrs and 20-30 million died.
Who is Wang Dan? He was the leader of the Chinese democracy movement and was one of the most visible student leaders in the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989.
What are some things that were invented in China? Fireworks, gun powder
What was the Opium War and who was involved? In 1839, China wanted to stop the sale of of the drug opium in its country so it seized all the opium and this started a war between Britain and China.
What was the purpose of the "One Child Policy"? and what problems did it create? The purpose was to slow population growth - all families were to have 1 child limit.
What problems did the "One Child Policy" create? Problems were ratio of male to female babies was skewed, boys were preferred sex so girls were abandoned/female deaths higher, adoption of female babies, fewer children to support elderly parents, hard time getting education and jobs for "illegal" babies
What was the outcome of the Opium War? The Chinese had to pay $21 trillion to Great Britain, give British control of Hong Kong, and allow more British trade.
Who was Chiang Kai Shek? Leader of the Nationalist Party who fought against Mao Zedong and the communist party.
Why is Shanghai an important city in China? It is the global center for finance and research
What is the capital of China? Beijing
Why is Taiwan important? It is where the Nationalist Party fled to in 1949 when they were defeated by the communists and Mao; it is the seat of government of the Republic of China.
What is Mandarin? The official language of China and largest dialect of Chinese spoken in China.
What dynasty was the last imperial dynasty of China? The Qing Dynasty
What is the Imperial Period in China? The earliest known written records of the history of China, from 1250
What was another name for the Nationalist Party? Kuomintang
What is the Chinese Communist Party? the sole governing political party of the People's Republic of China
What was the Red Army? the armed forces of the communist party; it was formed after Mao led his followers into the mountains
What was the Great Leap Forward? It was a policy adopted to enable China to catch up to more modern nations. Mao demanded iron be the focus of production. Millions of people died because famine resulted; Iron was poor quality.
What is the National People's Congress? It is the highest office of state power and the National legislature of the People's Republic of China.
What is the Supreme People's Court? It is the highest level of court in the People's Republic of China.
What is the currency used in China? Yuan
What is the Four Modernizations? goals set to strengthen fields of agriculture, industry, defense, and technology in China
What are special economic zones? in mainland China, they are granted more free market policies and a more flexible government
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