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Latin Certamen

Latin Certamen Questions

Who is the third king of Rome? Tullus Hostilius
What are the names of the Fates? Clotho, Lachesis, Atropos
Who killed Medusa? Perseus
What is Dionysus' Roman name? Bacchus
Who is the second king of Rome? Numa Pompilius
Who is the forth king of Rome? Ancus Marcius
Who is the fifth king of Rome? Tarquinius Priscus
Who is the sixth king of Rome? Servius Tullius
Who is the seventh king of Rome? Tarquinius Superbus
What is the year of four emperors? 69 A.D.
Name the gorgons Stheno, Euryale, Medusa
Which of the gorgons was mortal? Medusa
Who were the sisters of the gorgons? The Graiae
What did the Graiae share between them? One eye and one tooth
Who was the nymph that witnessed Persephone's kidnapping? Cyane
Name the three furies Tisiphone, Allecto, Megaera
What was the name of the cyclopes encountered by Odysseus? Polyphemus
How do you say Odysseus' name in Latin? Ulysses
What were the years of the First Punic War? 274 - 241 B.C.
Who wrote the Annales (an 18-book work on Roman history in dactylic hexameter) (Quintus) Ennius
What form of poetry was the Iliad written in? Dactylic Hexameter
What Latin adverb means "for a long time"? DIU!
What early king, according to legend, was fathered by burning ember? Servius Tullius
What Latin verb with what meaning is the root of toga? Tego = to cover