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Acid Reactions

Opposite of acid Alkali
PH Scale a measure of how acidic/alkali a substance is. Range goes from 0 - 14 - 7 being neutral. less than 7 indicate acidity, whereas a pH of greater than 7 indicates a base or alkaline.
Neutral Water and blood
UI Universal indicator
alkali opposite of acid - has a pH graeter that 7
acid opposite of alkali - has a lower pH than 7.
what is an example of an acid examples: lemon juice, coca cola, vinegar, saliva, tea
what is an example of an alkali examples: baking soda, drain cleaner, toothpaste
what is the regular pH of blood 7.4 if it was higher than 7.6 or lower than 7.2 you would be very ill
what is ethanoic acid, and when is it useful or dangerous? ethanoic acid is a very dangerous corrosive, it could give you terrible burns, it is safe when is it diluted, when it is known as vinegar
what must the pH of the soil be for carrots, cranberries, and sweetcorn? carrots: 6 pH cranberries: 5 pH sweetcorn: 7.5 pH
Neutralisation The chemical reaction that happens if you mix together an acid and a base
Indicator a substance that changes colour when it is added to acidic or alkaline solutions
Bases Alkali is a base. It is a base that dissolves in water. Not all bases are alkali but all alkali is base.
Bee stings Bee stings are acidic. They can be neutralised using baking powder, which contains sodium hydrogen carbonate.
Table salt Common table salt is sodium chloride
Chemical reaction In a chemical reaction the atoms rearrange themselves and then join back together in a different way.
Can a chemical reaction be reversed? It is very difficult to reverse a chemical reaction and get back the starting substances.
Useful chemical reactions we can burn methane to help cook food and we can burn petrol to power vehicles.
Unhelpful chemical reactions those that make food stale, or iron rusty.
Acid rain Fossil fuels contain sulfur compounds. These produce sulfur dioxide, a gas with a sharp, choking smell, when burned. When sulfur dioxide dissolves in water droplets in clouds, it makes the rain more acidic than normal. This is called acid rain.
Test for hydrogen burning splint held at the open end of a test tube of gas. If the gas is hydrogen it burns with a loud “squeaky pop” ( the result of the rapid combustion of hydrogen with oxygen to produce water.)
What can you add to zinc to make zinc sulphate Zinc sulfate is produced by treating virtually any zinc-containing material (metal, minerals, oxides) with sulfuric acid.
Word equation (chemistry) A word equation represents a chemical reaction using the names of the substances involved. Word equations do not show any chemical symbols or formulae. Use + and > rather than =
What salt would be made if zinc reacts with nitric acid? Zinc nitrate
Improve a PH sensors results Conduct Lab Calibration Services daily Make Sure the Sensor Is Always Hydrated. Prepare the New Electrode Make Sure that the Probe is Clean.
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