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Env Ch 8

Study Guide for Env Ch 8

an example of a population is? chs
the density of a population is? how many people are in a population
which relationship is neither species harmed commensalism
which would most likely cause a large number of density independent deaths in a population? disease
which organisms have the highest reproductive potential? bacteria and insects
the relationship between acacia trees and the ants that live in them is? mutualism
the number of wild horses per square km in a prairie is the populations? density
a female dogs niche would include what? fleas, puppies, home, necessary needs
what has greatest effect on reproductive potential? reproducing earlier in life
the difference between predator and a parasite is? predator kills its prey
professionals who make predictions about human population are called? demographers
which factor contributed most to the growth of human population? hygiene improvement
the 1991 cholera outbreak in Lima, Peru was caused by? water
waterborne illnesses could be ruduced by? water treatment
the last two decades human population doubled due to? industrian and scientific revolution
which diseases are caused from unsafe water? dysentery, typhoid, cholera
how can countries be labeled? more developed or less developed
How to countries attempt to reduce birthrates? public advertising an education
life expectancy is affected by? infant mortality
what is migration? movement of individuals between areas
Professionals who study and make predictions about human populations are called? demographers
which factor contributed most to the exponential growth of the human population? better hygiene
The 1991 cholera outbreak in Peru was caused by? lack of clean water
Human population growth was most rapid during which period of human history? Modern Age
In which of the following relationships is neither species harmed? commensalism
The difference between a predator and a parasite is that a predator? kills its prey
What would cause a large number of density independent deaths in a population? winter storms
Educating women worldwide has lowered birthrates because? family planning techniques
Which disease is often spread through unsafe public water sources? dysentery
Less developed countries suffer rapid population growth because of? infrastructur
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