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HM2 Ped GU

HM2 lilk8tob pediatric GU

Protrusion of the bowel into the groin Inguinal hernia
Fluctuant mass of fluid w/in process vaginalis that presents as scrotal swelling (general term) hydrocele
Process vaginalis is closed, and peritoneal fluid is trapped (fluid is gradually reabsorbed- no treatment needed) Noncommunicating hydrocele
Process vaginalis remains open; changes in intra-abdominal pressure force peritoneal fluid into process vaginalis. Probably will need surgery Communicating hydrocele
Failure of one or both testes to descend into the scrotal sac cryptorchidism
Surgery done to correct cryptorchidism Orchiopexy
If cryptorchidism not fixed: Risk for reduced fertility and testicular malignancy
Urethral opening is located along the ventral surface (underside) of the penile shaft hypospadias
W/ hypospadias, remember: Do not circumcise! Foreskin is used in surgery
Hypospadias may occur with: Chordee
Ventral curvature of the penis- causes constriction of the penis Chordee
Urethra is located on the dorsal surface (top side of the penile shaft) Epispadias
Epispadias may occur with: Exstrophy of the bladder
Extrusion of the urinary bladder to the outside of the body through a defect in the lower abd wall Exstrophy of the bladder
An abnormal increase in the permeability of the glomerulus to plasma protein Nephrotic syndrome
Labs with nephrotic syndrome: massive proteinuria, hypoalbumineria, hyperlipidemia, edema
Why - nephrotic syndrome more susceptible to infection? peritonitis from migration of intestinal bacteria across the bowel wall and into the peritoneum from the edema)
Drug used in nephrotic syndrome Prednisone (moon face, HTN, infection)
Inflammation of the glomeruli which most commonly follows a strep infection Acute glomerulonephritis
Urine in acute glomerulonephritis a lot of blood, a little protein, cola-colored
Which condition has HTN as problem? Acute glomerulonephritis
In this condition, if pt has HA, blurred vision, and is dizzy, you take the BP. Acute glomerulonephritis - HTN encephalo.
Inflammation of the urethra Urethritis
Inflammation of the bladder Cystitis
Inflammation of the prostate gland Prostatitis
Inflammation of the kidney and renal pelvis Pyelonephritis
If infant under 2 mos has temp over 100.4: Do a urinary tract evaluation
Infant signs of UTI: fever, abd pain, persistent diaper rash
Toddler w/ UTI: vomiting and diarrhea
Best test for UTI urine culture w/ sterile container (not sterile bag)
Drug for children with UTI Bactrim with plenty of water
Bactrim (UTI) ok for what age? 2+
Ideal Urine pH 5
Involuntary urination at an age when voluntary control should be present Enuresis
Child has never established urinary control Primary enuresis
Primary enuresis is a concern at age: 6
Child has been in control of urine for 6-12 months, then begins wetting again. Secondary enuresis
Drugs used for enuresis imipramine, ditropan
Created by: lilk8tob