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Exploring Creation

Exploring Creation With Physical Science Module 15

Definition of Electromagnetic wave A transverse wave is composed of an oscillating electric field and a magnetic field that oscillates perpendicular to the electrical field.
Definition of The Law of Reflection The angle of reflection equals the angle of incident.
Explain the Particle Theory This theory says that light comes in a group of tiny packets, that all have independent features.
Explain The Wave Theory This theory says that light comes in the form of two waves, one wave made of an oscillating magnetic field and the other of an oscillating electrical field.
Explain the Quantum-mechanic theory of light This theory says that light takes on both particle features and wave features to form light waves.
Sound waves cause air to oscillate. What do light waves oscillate? Light waves oscillate a magnetic field and an electromagnetic field.
What does Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity say about the speed of light? Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light in any given substance.
Light is traveling through water and suddenly breaks the surface and travels through the air. Did the lights speed increase, decrease, or stay the same once it left the water? The light's speed increased once it left the water.
Order the following colors in terms of increasing wavelength: orange, violet, yellow, green. Violet, green, yellow, and orange.
Order the colors in problem #6 in terms of increasing frequency. Violet, Yellow, Orange, Green Orange, yellow, green, violet.
Do radio waves have higher or lower frequencies than visible light? What about X-rays? Radio waves have lower frequencies than visible light while X-rays have higher frequencies.
Infrared light is given off by any object that is losing heat. The human body is almost always losing heat to the environment. Why, then, don't human bodies glow at night, since they are emitting light? Infrared light is not visible.
Light hits a mirror, making a angle of 15 degrees relative to a line drawn perpendicular to the mirror's surface. What angle does the reflected light make with the same line? The reflected light also makes a 15 degree angle relative to that line.
In the following diagram, will the man see his foot, despite the fact that the mirror does not reach the ground? Yes.
When light travels from one substance to another, what two things can happen to the direction of the light ray's travel? The light ray can be reflected or refracted.
In a physics experiment, a light ray is examined as it travels from air into glass. If the angle that the light ray makes with a line perpendicular to the glass surface is measured, will the refracted ray bend toward or away from that line? The light will bend towards the perpendicular line.
When you look at objects underwater from above the water, they appear to be at a different position than the position they truly are at. Why? When light travels from water to air, it bends. This causes your mind to form a false image of the object in a slightly different location.
In order for you to see a rainbow what three conditions must be met? There must be water droplets suspended in the air, the sun must be shining on them from behind you, and the sun must be a certain angle (or height in the sky).
What is the difference between a converging lens and a diverging lens? A converging lens causes light rays to bend so that they converge to a single point. Diverging lenses cause light rays to bend away from each other.
Which of the following lenses is a converging lens? which is a diverging lens? Lens (a) is a converging lens and lens (b) is a diverging lens.
What is special about the way the eye focuses light as compared to the way a camera focuses light? The eye focuses light by changing the shape of its lens. A camera focuses light by moving the position of the lens.
Suppose the cone cells on your retina that sense red light no longer work. If you look at a piece of white paper, what color would it appear to be? If you looked at a red piece of paper, what color would it appear to be? The white paper would appear to be blue-green or cyan. The red paper would appear to be black.
A shirt is dyed so that it appears violet. What colors of light does the dye absorb? It absorbs red, yellow, orange, green, blue, and indigo light.
A cyan dye made of a mixture of substances which absorb all light colors except blue and green. If you took a cyan piece of paper and placed it in a dark room and shined red light on it, what would you see? In the red, then, the paper would look black.
What would you see if you shined green light on it? In green light, the paper would look green.
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