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to grow cocoa you must be within _______ latitude of the equator 10 degrees
to grow cocoa you must have _______________mm rainfall per year 1500-2000
what percentage of share within the cocoa industry do the Ivory Coast, Indonesia, and the Dominican Republic get each year? Ivory Coast: 36%. indonesia: 16%. dominican rep.: 1%
the village of mim straddles the ____________ road kumasi
how do women and children in the village of mim collect water there is no running water so they collect it via the standpipe
what are some fairly traded products honey, gold, bananas, coffee, etc
what colours are the fair-trade logo? black/white, blue, lime/greeny-yellow
Kuapa kokoo is based in.. ghana
how do you dry cocoa beans? in a rafia mat
how is a recorder elected, and what do they do? they are elected by the community, and they are the person who checks the quality of the cocoa. there is an election every 4 years.
farmers who are partnered with fair-trade will receive their own tools from the fair-trade organisation, and there is a yearly fee to stay with the fair-trade organisation. true or false? true.
in villages that grow cocoa and are not part of fair-trade, the cocoa there will be the same quality as a fair-trade-regulated village. FALSE. the cocoa in a non-fairtrade village will be harvested with lower-quality tools, and they will have worse conditions, which results in a low-quality bean.
:) :)
what are some of the countries that fairtrade works in? kenya,uganda,nairobi,ethiopia,malawi,kemioes (South Africa),cote d'ivoire,ghana,
what were the uk fair-trade sales in 2012 £1.57bn
___________ in __________ bananas sold in the uk are fair-trade one in three 1 in 3
is it better to buy local or buy fair-trade? the fair-trade websites recommends you to buy both!
the fair-trade mark does NOT apply to uk farmers, true or false? true! fair-trade was established to help the worlds disadvantaged farmers, in places like Africa, and South Africa.
the cocoa in a fair-trade chocolate bar is 100% fair-trade. true or false? FALSE. fair-trade is not able to get 100% fair-trade cocoa beans to go into chocolate bars, however they are still labeled as fair-trade because the majority of the cocoa in the bar is fair-trade.
What is fair trade Fairtrade is when producers of goods in developing countries are paid a fair price for their work by buyers in developed countries.
How does Fair-trade improve equality for women? Fairtrade Standards are designed to prevent gender inequality, increase female participation and empower more women and girls to access the benefits of Fairtrade
What is Kuapa Kokoo Kuapa Kokoo, which means 'good cocoa farmer' in Twi, is a cocoa-growing co-operative set up in 1993 by a number of leading cocoa farmers who recognized the opportunity to organise farmers and found a company to market their own cocoa.
What is Fairtrade Premium an extra sum of money, paid on top of the selling price, that farmers or workers invest in projects of their choice. They decide together how to spend it, such as improving farming, businesses, or health and education in their community.
Benefits of Fairtrade paid a fair price for their products providing a guaranteed price and secure income ensuring safe working conditions preventing child labour encouraging the use of sustainable farming methods providing technical training
What are food miles? Food miles refer to the distance food has travelled to get from where it was produced to where it is sold.
What is environmental impact? Looking at the effects that something has on its surroundings.
Why is locally grown food not always the better option? may not always be better for the environment. For example, some foods do not grow easily in the UK and need heated greenhouses. This means the food produced locally may have a larger carbon footprint than that grown in a warmer climate.
Carbon footprint A measure of how much carbon is used through the activities of a person, company or country. It is better for the environment to consume goods with a low carbon footprint.
LEDC's Less economically developed countries.
Child labour Some countries have high rates of child labour. In such countries (mainly within Africa and South Asia), children may be working in factories or are employed by their families.
How do companies reducing prices to compete with each other have a negative impact? To help cut the cost of production, the workers may not have been paid a fair wage or may not be given breaks during the day. Factories with these kinds of conditions are called sweatshops.
What items are Fair-trade? Bananas Chocolate Coffee Clothes Flowers Gold Cold Drinks and Juice Tea Sweets, Snacks and Grains Sugars, Spreads and Oil Wine Beauty Products Herbs and Spices
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