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Latin IV midterm

Vergil midterm vocab.

cano sing
infero bring into
sino permit, allow
pontus sea
scopulus rock, cliff
luctor wrestle, struggle
mulceo calm, soothe
quippe surely, indeed
incutio strike into
creber frequent, crowded
incumbo lie upon
cingo gird, encircle
luo atone for
sors fate, destiny
perlabor glide over
defessus weary, tired of
nemus sacred grove, forest
discrimen crisis, danger
subigo subdue
ala wing
comito accompany
ordior begin
fastigium summit, top
scelus crime
attollo lift, raise
apis bee
modo only, just now
pateo lie open
refulgeo shine, gleam
halo breathe forth
incuso reproach, chide
tus incense
molior work, effect, make
strepitus noise
subvolvo roll up
stratum pavement, bed
arceo keep off
mel honey
redoleo be fragrant
saepio hedge in
effodio dig out
necto bind, fasten
saeculum generation, age
foris door, gate
vulgo publish
pasco feed on
insto press on
coma hair
tundo beat
glomero gather
Created by: rsmeltzer