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sich erheben arise, arose, arisen
erwachen awake, awoke, awoken
kaufen buye, bought, bought
kosten cost, cost, cost
essen eat, ate, eaten
verbieten forbid, forbade, forbidden
mahlen grind, ground, ground
verlassen leave, left, left
anzünden light, lit, lit
läuten ring, rang, rung
suchen seek, sought, sought
setzen, stellen set, set, set
schnitzeln shred, shred, shred
schrumpfen shrink, shrank, shrunk
schlafen sleep, slept, slept
ausgeben spend, spent, spent
verschütten spill, spilt, spilt
spucken spit, spat, spat
verderben spoil, spoilt, spoilt
fegen sweep, swept, swept
wecken wake, woke, woken
tragen wear, wore, worn
auswringen wring, wrung, wrung
binden bind, bound, bound
blasen blow, blew, blown
brechen break, broke, broken
bauen build, built, built
schneiden cut, cut, cut
handeln deal, dealt, dealt
graben dig, dug, dug
tun do, did, done
stricken knit, knit, knit
leihen lend, lent, lent
bezahlen pay, paid, paid
sägen saw, sawed, sawn
verkaufen sell, sold, sold
schicken send, sent, sent
nähen sew,sewed, sewn
schlitzen slit, slit, slit
Created by: alecli