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Semester Test III

Mr. Blooms Vocab

temperature average motion of the particles of an object
conduction flow of heat by direct contact
convection flow of when a liquid or a gas moves from one place to another
radiation flow of heat without matter
Solute a substance that is dissolved
evaporation the change of a state from liquid to gas at the surface of a liquid
condensation the change of a state from a gas to a liquid
Solvent A substance that dissolves other materials
concentrated Describes a solution with a large amount of solute compared to the amount of solvent
reactant A substance that undergoes a chemical reaction often by combining with another substance
product A substance that is formed in a chemical reaction
Exothermic reaction A chemical reaction in which more energy is given off than is taken in
Endothermic Reaction A chemical reaction in which more energy is taken in than is given off
formula arrangement of symbols that shows both the kinds and number of atoms in a compound
Chemical Equation An arrangement of symbols and formulas used to show what happens during a chemical reaction
Acid A compound that releases hydrogen ions in water
Base A compound that releases hydroxide ions when dissolved in water
pH Scale A set of numbers between 0-14 to measure the strength of acids and bases
Indicator A substance that changes color at a certain range of pH values
neutralization reaction where an acid and a base produce a salt and water
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