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Science. Test 397


What is a fuel? A material that contains stored energy and can be used to supply energy.
Fossil Fuels Fuels formed millions of years ago from organic material such as plants and animals. Contain energy that came from the sun.
Examples Of Fossil Fuels Coal, oil, and natural gas.
Greenhouse Gases Acts as a heat blanket and is essential for life to exist on Earth because Earth is 59 degrees F/33 degrees C warmer than it would be without natural greenhouse effect. (Avg temp. would be 0 degrees F).
Global Warming Man made emissions are changing the composition of the atmosphere, both by adding additional amounts of gases already present methane, water vapor, and carbon dioxide.
Which greenhouse gases concentration has increased in the atmosphere primarily due to humans? Carbon dioxide.
Climate Change A difference in global or regional climate patterns, increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide produced by the use of fossil fuels.
Non-renewable Fossil fuels are considered this because they go into the air, not able to be reused. Takes millions of years to form. Examples are gas and oil.
Renewable Able to be used more than once. Doesn’t take that long to form.
Wind Energy Is the use of blowing thing to provide mechanical power through wind turbines to turn electric generators for electrical power.
Nuclear Energy Is the use of nuclear reactions to produce electricity.
Solar Energy Capturing the energy from the Sun and then changing it into electricity.
Hydroelectric Energy Is electricity produced from water.
What types of energy will humans use after fossil fuels have been depleted? People will use hydrogen and energy after fossil fuels have been gone.
What are changes that can be made in daily life to prevent further damage to the environment from burning fossil fuels? People should start using electricity and hydrogen to prevent further damage to the earth.
How is climate change different from global warming? Global warming is rising temperature while climate change is rising temperature over a long period of time.
State the disadvantages of burning fossil fuels. Global warming and climate change.
Identify how burning fossil fuels impacts our climate. It makes temperatures rise.
What is the greenhouse effect and how does it impact global warming and climate change? Is a process that occurs when gases in Earth's atmosphere trap the Sun's heat.
Greenhouse Effect Most radiation from Earth's surface does not escape into outer space. Long wave Infrared Radiation (heat/thermal energy) is absorbed by carbon dioxide, water vapor and methane in the atmosphere.
How does Global Warming and Climate Change Happen? 1. Shed sunlight can pass through the glass 2. Shed absorbs some wavelength light, becomes warm 3. Objects give off thermal heat energy 4. Glass symbolizes atmospheric greenhouse gases trapping heat energy and not allowing it to escape into space
Sun Transforms Nuclear energy to electromagnetic energy.
Plants and Animals Transform electromagnetic to chemical energy.
Coal Is burned to make steam, transforming stored chemical energy to thermal energy.
Steam Turns turbines, transforming thermal energy to mechanical energy.
Turbine The thing that spins electric generations, transforming mechanical energy into electrical energy.
Combustion The fuel is burned and the chemical energy is transformed into thermal.
Steam Pressure When the smoke leaves the boiler in enters the turbine.
Generator The turbine is connected to a type of energy which transforms the mechanical energy into electrical energy.
Where are power lines? Homes, businesses, etc.
Kinetic Energy Energy which a body possesses by being in motion.
Potential Energy Is the stored energy an object has because of its position or state. A bicycle on top of a hill, a book held over your head, and a stretched spring all have.
Thermal Energy Is produced when a rise in temperature causes atoms and molecules to move faster and collide with each other.
Mechanical Energy Is the energy that is possessed by an object due to its motion or due to its position.
Biomass Energy Is energy generated or produced by living or once-living organisms.
Electromagnetic Energy Is a term used to describe all the different kinds of energies released into space by stars such as the Sun. Radio and tv waves.
Chemical Energy Is energy stored in the bonds of chemical compounds, like atoms and molecules. This energy is released when a chemical reaction takes place.
Electrical Energy Is a form of energy resulting from the flow of electric charge.
Radiation Heat transfers through space.
Conduction Travels through an object.
Convection Travels through a current which is density.
Gravitational Potential Energy Is energy in an object that is held in a vertical position.
Elastic Potential Energy Is energy stored in objects that can be stretched or compressed.
Created by: jschwartzman
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