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Newton’s Quiz

Also Bernoulli I guess

State the law: Your friend slams on the breaks causing your head to hit the dash. 1st Law
State the law: You have to throw a heavy ball with more force than a lighter ball to get it to travel at the same speed. 2nd Law
State the law: You pull the rug out from under your cat, but the cat stays where it is. 1st Law
State the law: You're being pulled down by the earth, but you are pulling the earth up at the same time. 3rd Law
State the law: If you're sending a rocket to mars, you don't have to keep the engine going the whole time....just to begin with. Why? 1st Law
State the law: The acceleration would be greater for a object with less mass than an object with more mass if both objects were subjected to equal forces. 2nd Law
State the law: When a semi truck traveling at 30 mph east collides with a prius (small car) going 30 mph west, the net movement is east. 3rd Law
State the law: p=mv 3rd Law
State the law: F=ma 2nd Law
If net force acting on object is 0, then the force is considered to be... Balanced
Which type of force(s) will cause a change in an object's motion? Unbalanced Forces
Newton's third law states that any action will have a(n) _______ and ______ reaction Equal and Opposite
When a gun fires ammunition we observe Newton's third law, which force is the reaction force? The gun moving backwards
According to Newton's first law, an object that is moving will keep moving until... Another force acts on it
A _ is a push or pull. Force
How is hitting your head with a soccer ball a good example of Newton’s 3rd Law? Your head and the ball are exerting an equal force on one another
The faster a fluid moves, the lower the pressure is in the moving fluid compared to the fluid not moving as fast. This is called: Bernoulli's Principle
To generate lift, a blade is angled so the _________ pressure air moves under the blade. High
When a heavy football player and a light one run into each other, who exerts more force? Their force is equal
A baseball bat hits a baseball with a force of 100 Newtons. What is the force and its direction exerted by the ball on the bat? 100N, Opposite Direction
A bus hits a bug and the bug splatters on the windshield, which force is greater? The forces are equal
If you double the mass of an object but apply the same force apply on it, the acceleration will __________________. Cut in Half
What kind(s) of objects have inertia? All objects that have mass
According to Bernoulli's principle, by curving the blades, the wind is split so _______ speed wind travels above the blade and _________ speed wind travels below the blade. This causes more pressure ________ the blade generating _______. High; Low; Under; Lift
When driving a car forward, in which direction is the friction force? Behind you
Any value that has the unit labeled m/s2 represents the ___________________________. Acceleration
A car speeding up to get through a yellow traffic light is an example of .... Acceleration, Unbalanced Forces
What law does this equation apply to? Acceleration = Net Force over Mass Newtons 2nd Law
What is a fluid? A non-solid state of matter as a gas or a liquid
What law of motion does a person jumping off a boat and the boat being pushed back represent? Newton’s 3rd Law
Why is the top of an airplane wing curved? To create an area of low pressure above the wing
The reason why any car crash is more of an example of Newton's 3rd Law rather that his 2nd Law is: His 2nd law deals with acceleration, and cars that are not accelerating can still have momentum.
According to Bernoulli's Principle, when the wind speed is high, wind pressure is ________ Low
Created by: MKStudy
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