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GS_Chapet 10 vocab

vocabulary for Global Studies (Chapter 10)

Plain A broad area of fairly level land
Coastal Plain A region consisting of hte Atlantic Plain on the east coast and the Gulf Plain which lies along the Gulf of Mexico
Canadian Shield Lowlad regian that lies mostly in eastern Canada; low hills and plains which are rich in minerals
Appalachian Mountains Heavily forested mountain chain that streches from Georgia to Maine and Canada; a barrier to colonial expansion
Interior Plains A region of the central United States that streches from the Rocky Mountains to the Appalachian Mountains
Rocky Mountains Mountains extending through western United States; barrier to travel during the pioneer days
Pacific Coastal Range Series of mountain ranges that stretch along the West Coast of North America from Alaska to Northern and Central Mexcio, including the Rockies and Columbia Mountains
Piedmont An area of plains and low hills at or near the foot of a mountain region; in the United States, the Piedmont is a rolling plateau regions inland from the Coastal Plain, east and south of the Appalachian Mountains
Fall Line The line in the United States along which the Coastal Plain meets the piedmont, marked by waterfalls and rapids indicating the elevation change
Basin A low area of land, generally surrounded by mountains
contiguous connecting or bordering
Gulf Stream An Atlantic Ocean current taht moves warm tropical water northward
Seaboard A land area near the ocean
Plantation A large farm that concentrates on one crop; for example cotton or tobacco
Edge City A suburb with large employment and commercial centers
Ghetto A part of a city where one or more minority groups are concentrated because of economic pressure and social discrimination
Trade Deficit The gap that occurs when the trade value of a nation's exports exceeds that of its imports
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