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Civcs Voc

To win a presidential election, a candidate must win a majority of these votes. electoral votes
Person already holding a political office incumbent
Meeting of members of a political party to nominate candidates to run for President. National Convention
Formal set of principles and goals held by a political party platform
Election between members of the same party who seek to be selected as their party's candidate primary
Form of communication that tries to spread and promote a certain set of beliefs propaganda
Individual belief in a platform Plank
Corporations and other special interest groups support candidates by contributing money. PAC
Campaign workers go through a neighborhood asking for votes or taking apoll on who people are going to vote for Canvassing
Public backing of a candidate by a group or famous person Endorsements
Place where a person votes Polls
Voting district of an area Precinct
Law started by the people by a petition Initiative
Petition asking for a new law Proposition
Spoken lies to hurt someone Slander
Printed lies to hurt someone Libel
Hired by a special interest group to sway Congressmen's vote Lobbyists
Feeling of not caring Apathy
Two sides of an argument meet with a third party & the third party decides outcome. Arbitration
Two sides of an argument meet with a third party but they decide the outcome. Meditation
To influence in a particular unfair direction Bias
Advisers for the Governor & are elected Council of State
Hired professional administrator runs the day to day operations of gov't. Council manager
Head of a state’s executive branch Governor
Laws passed by legislative group,at the state or national level. Statues
Local or city laws Ordinances
A way for citizens to approve or reject a state or local law by a vote. Referendum
Voting suffrage
An incorporated area adding more land is called Annexation
To increase a minority group voting power by redistricting the electoral map. Gerrymandering
State's highest source of income Income Tax
Largest gov’t division of a state county
State charter for an area officially recognizing the gov’t for the area Incorporation
State legislstive branch General Assembly
Tax on cigarettes, alcohol and gas Excise Tax
To remove an elected offical from office. Recall Election
Federal or state gov't tax is an example of what power? Concurrent Power
Power of the General Assembly pass laws
Receives intergovernmental fund from the federal government. State government
Defines citizenship, due process and equal protection under the law. 14th amendment
Election where the voters determine the candidates Primary election
English document limiting the authority of the king Magna Carta
Election determines the winner of the office. General Election
Main source of income for the national gov't Income Tax
Right to a lawyer 6th amendment
Type of gov't controlled by a small group of people. Example Communist/Cuba
Division of power between the national and state government is called Federalism
Power given to state gov't's to determine graduation standards. Reserved Powers
Who can charge the president with misconduct? House of Representatives
Charging the president with misconduct is called Impeachmnet
Who prepares the budget at the national level? Who approves it? President/Congress
Presidential veto is an example of Checks and Balances
Agency that investigates a kidnapping. FBI
Who approves presidential appointments? Senate
Supreme Court ruled that poor people in criminal cases have the right to a lawyer. Gideon v Wainwright
Supreme Court ruled in Texas v Johnson that Johnson could burn the flag.This protect which right? 1st amendment
Supreme Court case that expanded the power of the national gov't when the court declared that Maryland could not tax the Bank of the U.S. McCulloch v Maryland
Process for changing the constitution Amending process
Supreme Court ruling reinforced the slave owner's power over his slave. State v Mann
Here the delegates write the platform and nominate their candidate. National Convention
Which amendment lowered voting age from 21 to 18? 26th amendment
Males civic duty Selective Service
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