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women health intro 1

ch 1 study maternity foundation

antepartum Period of pregnancy before onset of labor
bioethics Principles that govern conduct related to health care
case management practice model using systematic approach to id client needs and manage care to ensure optimal outcomes
deontologic theory Ethical theory that holds that the right course of action is the one dictated by ethical principles and moral rules
infant mortality rate # of deaths per 1000 live births that occur within the first 12 months of life
intrapartum Time of labor and childbirth
maternal mortality rate maternal deaths from pregnancy complications, childbirth and puerperium (1st 45 days after end of pregnancy- if pregnancy effected disease) per 100,000 live births.
morbidity ratio of sick to well persons in defined population
negligence failure to act in a the way a reasonable, prudent person of similar background would act in similar circumstances
malpractice negligence by a professional
neonatal mortality rate # of deaths per 1000 live births that occur before 28 days of life
nurse practice acts laws that determine scope of nursing practice in each state
postpartum first 6 wks after childbirth
standard of care level of care that can be expected of a professional
utilitarian theory ethical theory - right action - greatest good
LDR rooms Labor, delivery and recovery occur all in one room
Couplet care assignment of one nurse to both mother and baby
LDRP rooms Labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum stay in same room until discharge
DRGs diagnosis-related groups are a method of classifying related medical diagnoses based on amt of resources that are generally req'd by client - medicare pays set amt per drg
Managed care comprehensive health services for members for set fee or premium
Capitated care set amt of money per year to network of drs who provide all care.
outcomes management method systematic method to id client outcomes and interventions for specific case types - utilizes clinical pathways
clinical pathways standardized, interdisciplinary plans of care devised for clients with a particular health problem
Informed consent requirements competence, full disclosure, client understanding, voluntary consent
Beneficence One is required to do or promote good for others
Nonmaleficence One must avoid risking or causing harm to others
Autonomy People have the right to self determination. This includes right to respect, privacy and the information necessary to make decisions.
Justice All people should be treated equally and fairly regardless of disease or social or economic status.
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