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Unit 3 Vocab

7-5 Petersen: Unit 3 Ch.6-9 (Latin America)

land bridge a narrow strip of land that joins two larger landmasses
peninsula a piece of land with water on 3 sides
latitude the distance measured in degrees north and south of the Eqautor to the earth's poles
altitude the height above sea level
hurricane violent tropical storm with high winds and heavy rains
vaquero cowhand
maquiladoras factories
subsistence farms small farms where farmers grow only enough food to feed their families
plantations large farms that raise a single crop for sale
industrialized to have changed the economy to rely less on farming and more on manufacturing
service industries businesses that provide services to people rather than produce goods
jade a precious gem, often used in jewelry, that is green as well as other colors
obsidian a hard, black glass created by volcanoes and used for carving by the Olmecs
maize corn
hieroglyphics a form of writing that uses symbols and signs
mural wall painting
hacienda large ranch
plaza public square or courtyard
adobe sun dried clay bricks
federal republic government divided by government and state powers
migrant worker person who travels from place to place when extra help is needed to plant or harvest crops
national debt money owned by the government
smog thick mix of smoke and fog
isthmus narrow piece of land connecting two larger pieces of land
canopy umbrella like covering formed by the tops of trees in a rain forest
ecotourist person who travels to another country to view its natural wonders
literacy rate percentage of adults who can read and write
republic strong national government heade by elected leaders
parlimentary democracy government in which voters elect representatives to a law making body, which chooses a prime minister to head the government
archipelago group of islands
bauxite mineral used to make aluminum
communist state country whose government has a strong control over the economy and society as a whole
cooperative farm owned and operated by government
embargo order that stops trade with another country
free trade zone taking down trade barriers so that goods flow freely amoung countries
commonwealth partly self governing territory
basin low area surrounded by higher land
selva thick rain forest
escarpment a steep cliff between higher and lower land
favela slum or very poor area
deforestation destroying large areas of forest without replanting them
pampas vast treeless plain
estancia ranches
gaucho cowhands
hydroelectric power electricity that is made by flowing water
llanos grassy plaincs
altitude height above sea level
caudillo military rulers
cordillera mountain ranges that run side by side
cash crop a product sold for export
mestizo people of mixed European and Native american backrounds
campesino Columbian farmers
navigable a body of water that is wide and deep enough to allow the passage of ships
foothills low hills at the base of a mountain range
empire group of lands under one ruler
landlocked a country that has no land bordering a sea or an ocean
altiplano a high plateau in western Bolivia
sodium nitrate a mineral used in fertilizer and explosives
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