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China Stuff

complete study guide to china

the period of disunion lasted from,____to____ 220 589
The _____ Reunified China. sui
the sui constructed the_____ grand canal
The next dynasty was the ______ Tang
_________________ _______ was chinas only female ruler (alive during the tang dynasty) Empress Wu
after the tang there was a 59 year period known as five dynasties and ten kingdoms
during periods of great chaos ___________ was embraced buddhisim
IN _____ the song dynasty re unified china 960
a philosophy the chinese embraced that replaced the religion of buddhisim was ______ Confucianisim
The chinese started a huge agricultural boom growing mostly ______ rice
the population in the song dynasty was ___ ___ 100 million
the three major relegions were christianity, buddhisim and Daoisim
The song used the ____ to trade across asia Grand Canal
the chibes in vented a thin beautiful type of pottery called ____ Porcelain
china's most famous female poet was ____ Li Bo
china's government was called a Beuracracy
______ were elite members of the government Scholar-Officials
in order to become a scholar official you had to pass a civil service exam
The ____invaded china and started the Yuan dynasty Mongols
the yuan were over thrown by the Ming
________ was a famous ming sailor Zheng He
The ming finished construction on the great wall and practiced ____ isolationisim
Created by: NAVY EOD GUY
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