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Geography Test

Unit 5 Review

Name a major cause of the collapse of the Soviet Union. Economic Problems and the resignation of Gorbachev.
Why was the European Union Formed? To unite Europe economically.
How was the Cold War different than WW1? There was no real fighting during the Cold War it was a time of tension.
How can religion affect the government of a country? Laws reflect the religious beliefs of a country.
Name one benefit of using a single currency in many European Union countries. Tourism would increase and trading of people, goods, & money would move more freely.
Why do so many people live on the Northern European Plain? The flat plain area and mild climate make it good for farming.
What challenges might a Catholic country face while interacting with non-Catholic countries? Differences of ideas , laws, and how people are treated could cause conflict.
What major event occurred in Eastern Europe in 1991? The Soviet Union collapsed.
What problems still exist in Russia years after the Soviet Union's collapse? Big gap between the rich and poor, higher prices, unemployment, economic problems, organised crime, and increased corruption.
Name the event in 2010 that showed cooperation among euro zone countries. When Greece & Ireland were in debt, other countries in the euro zone helped them by loaning money to recover.
What percentage of Europe is Catholic? 45%
Created by: camerynedel
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