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the act of being surprised or shocked astonishment
to take for granted; assume; expect presume
to reach for and seize; grab suddenly snatch
to drink greedily guzzle
not speaking or telling; quiet mum
changed the form or look of something transfigured
to fight or work against resist
very grand or splendid; superb magnificent
a child without parents orphan
a certain way of walking or running pace
to come together and move in a large group swarm
very large or great; enormous colossal
startled; stunned; surprised aghast
a soft crackling sound rustle
failure; disaster fiasco
awful; hideous; frightful gruesome
disgusting; ugly, nasty repulsive
a narrow opening as in a rock or wall; crack crevice
to search in a thorough way rummage
pain; torment; grief; heartache anguish
the ability to see through translucent
very hungry ravenous
odd; strange peculiar
something that has been or can be seen; sight spectacle
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