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Chapter 10, Lesson 3

Star a huge ball of superheated gases. The sun is ours at the center of our solar system.
Sun largest object in solar system, the source of most energy on Earth, life could not exist without it
Sun made up of gases (mostly hydrogen and helium)
Sunspots these (dark spots) and solar flares (hot fountains of gas) appear on the sun and last only a few days
Alpha Centauri the three stars closest to our solar system make up this
Color this tells us about a star's temperature:
Red color that represents the coolest star
Yellow color that represents in between hottest and coldest star (the sun is an example)
Blue Color that represents the hottest star
Constellations groups of Stars are called these. They form imaginary pictures in the sky.
Names ancient people gave constellations these
Sailors they used these patterns (constellations) that served as landmarks in the sky
Milky Way the galaxy in which our solar system lies.
Galaxy a huge system of gases, dust, and billions of stars. We have a million of these in our universe.
Universe everything that exists in space.
Galaxies can be spiral shaped, look like balls or eggs, or have no regular shape
East The sun appears to rise in the __________ and set in the west, but the Earth is actually moving
Seasons caused by the Earth revolving around the sun
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