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BBT Vocab

About the Big Bang Theory

What did scientists believe about the universe? It is finite and expanding.
What did scientists believe about the volume of all matter, energy, and space? All matter, energy, and space was once squeezed into a very small volume.
What is the BBT? Sudden Expansion, not an explosion. Occurred 13.7 billion years ago
Visible Light Spectrum The part of the electromagnetic spectrum that a human eye can see.
What does raisins being baked in a cake resemble? Galaxies expand throughout the universe.
As the cake rises, what is that resembling? They (galaxies) become more distant from each other.
What is causing the the galaxies to move? Space expanding.
What did scientists think about CMB? Scientists thought if there was a BB, then there must be remnants of energy left out there in the far reaches of the universe.
How much helium in the universe? 25%
What was the form of the remnants of energy? Microwaves. It is coming at us from every point in the universe.
What was the form called? It was called “relic” radiation.
What did two young scientists pick up in the mid 1960's? Mysterious microwave static coming from every direction in the sky. Totally by accident.
How did the radiation feel? Very cold, which was expected.
What did the two scientists conclude of the radiation and static coming from the sky? They concluded it must be the “afterglow” of the BB.
What is the second piece of evidence supporting BBT? The radiation and static coming from the sky. The CMB.
What are the lighest elements? Helium and hydrogen.
How much hydrogen is in the universe? 74%
What makes up the other 1% of the universe? Heavier elements.
What can we think of when we think of the red shift? The Doppler Effect when a fire truck passes.
How does the Doppler Effect make a high frequency sound? The sound waves are compressed in front of the train and make a high frequency sound.
How does the Doppler Effect make a low frequency sound? After the fire truck passes, the wavelengths spread out making a low frequency sound.
What is a spectrum? Light emitted from a star or galaxy can be separated into a band of colors.
How do the wavelengths differ? Each color has a different wavelength just like sound has wavelengths.
Where are the longer wavelengths on the spectrum? Toward the red end.
What had a pitch? Light and sound.
What behaves like sound? Light
What side of the spectrum has a lower pitch/frequency? The red end of the spectrum has a lower pitch, or frequency, than the blue end.
What can you think of when trying to remember where the lower and higher pitch/frequency are on the spectrum? Think of it in sound terms, red colors are the low notes and blue colors are the high notes.
When does the light get stretched out? If a star is moving away from us.
If a star is moving away from us, what does it appear? This makes it appear more red than it really is.
When does the light get squeezed? If a star is moving toward us
If a star is moving toward us, what does it appear? This makes it appear more blue than it really is.
What is the red shift? Absorption lines shifted to the red end of the spectrum.
What leads Hubble to conclude that the galaxies are moving apart from each other? The shift in the absorption lines of galaxies.
Since space is expanding, what happens? The galaxies to move with it.
What is the first piece of evidence supporting BBT? Absorption lines and expanding space.
What conclude that the universe was static, lacking movement? Albert Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity and Sir Isaac Newton’s original Theory of Gravity.
What is the "biggest blunder" for and resembling? The universe lacking movement and being static was later proved untrue and Einstein called it the "biggest blunder."
Who discovered an electromagnetic property called the Red Shift? Edwin Hubble.
What did the electromagnetic property explain? Why galaxies appear to be accelerating away from the each other.
Contrary to Einstein the ________ was ___________? Universe, Expanding.
Third piece of supporting evidence for the BBT? Hydrogen and Helium. The continuity throughout the universe.
Who coined the phrase Big Bang in 1949? English astronomer, Fred Hoyle.
What do most scientists think the most likely scenario for the birth of the universe is? Big Bang.
Is there more evidence for Big Bang and the birth of the universe? Yes.
What separates incoming light by its wavelength or frequency and records the resulting spectrum? A Spectrograph.
What is the process of transfer from one body to another? Energy.
What is all existing matter and space being considered as a whole? The Universe.
What is the system of many many stars together with gas and dust and held together by gravitational attraction? The Galaxy.
What is the branch of science that deals with celestial objects, space, and the physical universe as a whole? Astronomy.
What is the range of wavelengths or frequencies over which electromagnetic radiation extends? An Electromagnetic Spectrum.
Who were the two scientists who saw the microwave static coming from every direction in the sky? Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson
Created by: Soccerkid
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