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Water Quality Set #2

Fill in the blank statements

Too many ______ /phosphates cause an explosion of ______ growth in the water Blocks ______ from getting to the plants in the water. Plants at the bottom do not get sunlight and will die Bacteria break them down which makes the _____ levels in the water _______ further causing fish and other animals to die. nitrates; algae; sunlight; DO; decrease
2 main chemicals found in fertilizer nitrates & phosphates
3 factors that affect dissolved oxygen levels 1. temperature of water 2. amount of water movement 3. decay of once living organisms
The more turbulent the water, the ________ the amount of D.O. it will have higher
________ water can hold more dissolved oxygen than ________ water Colder; warmer
A water body with an algal bloom will eventually have very low levels of dissolved oxygen, because... when bacteria decompose dead plants and animals, the bacteria uses up available oxygen
temperature can change the water quality in what 2 ways 1. the amount of D.O. in the water 2. the rate of photosynthesis.
Temperatures that are too high or too low can stress an organism. This stress makes organisms more prone to _________ & makes it more difficult for them to react to __________. disease; pollution.
The murkier the water, the __________ the turbidity. greater
_____________ can be used to measure turbidity. The instrument is lowered and raised in the water. A depth reading is taken at the point where the ______________ disappears and reappears. Secchi disk; Secchi disk
3 factors that can cause turbid water 1. soil erosion 2. urban runoff 3. bottom sediment disturbances.
Oxygen dissolves into water from two sources: 1. the atmosphere 2. plants in the water.
The primary source of oxygen for a pond is Normal pH range for healthy watersheds 6.5-8.5 photosynthesizing microscopic algae (phytoplankton) or submerged plants.
Normal pH range for healthy watersheds 6.5-8.5
Humans an increase the pH of the water in ecosystems by: Acid rain, burning fossil fuels, industrial pollution, mining
Increased turbidity blocks _______ from reaching plants on the bottom of water causing the _______ to decrease since the plants cannot ________ sunlight; DO; photosynthesize
The colder the temperature of the water, the _______ oxygen can be dissolved in it. The ________ moving molecules in warm water causes the ______ to evaporate more easily more; faster; DO
pH can affect how well certain chemicals will _____ in water. Metals are more _____ to a body of water when the pH is ____ dissolve; toxic; lower
Burning ________causes sulfur and nitrogen ______ to form. They react with the ________ in the air to form acids found in ______ fossil fuels; dioxides; water & oxygen; acid rain
Created by: jhandy8
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