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Stack #33417

balancing a chemical equation so that the same number of atoms of each elment is found in both the reactants and the products is an illustration of the law of conservation of mass
what is the chemical formula for calcium chloride CaC1
which type of reaction do ions in two compounds switch places double-replacement
what is an example of a the use of activation energy holding a lit match to paper
enzymes in your body act as catalysts. thus,the role of enzymes is to increase the rate of chemical reactions
what is an example of a diatomic element O2
what is an example of a single-replacement reaction Fe+2HCI=FeC12+H2
what is not a chemical reaction ice melting
how many atoms aare represented in the formula CaCo3 five(5)
what usually increases the rate of a reaction grinding a solid reactant into a powder
what does a "catalyst" do lowers the activation energy of a reaction
when the substances that make up baking powder are mixed with water,carbon dioxide gas is formed. this is an exaple of a chemical reaction
for a chemical reaction to occur chemical bonds must break, atoms must rearrange, new bonds must form
a shorthand method of identifying an element is a chemical symbol
a shorthand notation for a compound or a diatomic element using chemical symbols and numbers is a chemical formula
a (?) indicates the chemical make up of a substance by showing how many of each kind of atom is present in a molecule chemical formula
what is the formula for carbon dioxide CO2
what is the formula for dinitrogen monoxide N2O
what is the proper order for the first five prefixes used in chemical nemes mono-,di-,tri-,tetre-,penta-
whats happens in a chemical equation reactant appear before the arrow,products appear after the arrow, plus sign seperates the for mulas of two or more reactants or products
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