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Globalization Final

how does friedman define globalization? the inexorable integration of markets, nation states and technologies to a degree nver witnessed before -- in a way that is enabling individuals, corporations, and nation-states to reach around the world farther, faster and deeper.
what is the driving force behind globalization Free market capitalism
what are the three balances that globalization is based around? balance between nation to nationbalance between nations and global marketsbalance between nations and individuals
What are the six lenses? financial markets. politics, culture, nationaly security, technology and enviornment.
what does the lexus tree represent? the drive for sustenance, improvment, prosperity and modernization. it represents all the burgeoning global markets, financial institutions, and computer technology with which we pursue higher living standerds today.
what does the olive tree represent? everything that roots us, anchors us, identifies us and locates us in the world. weather it be belonging to a family, a community, a tribe, a nation, a religion, or most of all, a place called home.
what are our current three "bombs"? the nuclear threat, global warming, and americas increasing debt.
World Bank *Provide long term loans to help developing countries *Physical Therapist
IMF *International Monetary Fund *Promote international cooperation *Provides short term loans to failing states *The ambulance.
WTO *World Trade Organization *Oversees world trade and settles disputes *Deals with tarrifs anti-dumping policies, etc.
Globalization *The trend of increased global integration *effects political, social economical and environmental.
Contagion *When lots of money comes into a country and then suddenly goes away. *Bubble economy
Ben Bernanke Head of the Federal Reserve
Privatization Transforming businesses formerly owned by the government over to the private sector.
Protectionism *When government puts in trade barriers, tarrifs, quotas etc.
Outsourcing When jobs go overseas because they can be done faster, better and cheaper there.
Offshoring Sending my whole factory overseas.
Open sourcing Collaberating online to create a new product.
Insourcing Having another company come in and perform certain tasks in my company.
Supply chaining When a product comes off the shelf it immediately sends a new one from the back.
Informing Having unlimited amounts of knowledge at your finger tips with just a click of a button.
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