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Cold War Final

Cold War Final Review

What is the 20th Century described as? The american century, beacause since 1945 america has been the military, econmic, and political power of the world.
What was the monroe docturine? Document saying that the US would not welcome any outside interference in the western hemishpere in 1823. Basically we would stay isolated.
Who did the U.S become involved with in the late 1800's. The Confederate Army or "The South" for a long time the us focused on rebuilding this nation in rambels.
What was the difference between Woodrow Wilson and Teddy Roosevelt? Roosevelt was more of an realist and Wilson was more of a idealist.
What is the iorn curtin? the imaginary line that divided east and west europe.
What was the cuban missile crisis? when the ussr was found putting missiles in cuba that could reach america. and embargo was placed and no viloence broke, today the embargo is still in place
NATO *North Atlantic Treaty Organization *Greece and Turkey joined *Created to keep peace in Europe *West Germany
Warsaw Pact *The USSR's response to NATO, which tied the Balkan states together.
Truman Doctrine *Set of principals that were created for US foreign policy and created containment *Gave aid to Greece and Turkey
Marshall Plan *Was part of the Truman Doctrine. *Gave aid to Western Europe after WWII.
George Kennan *The father of containment *Helped Truman with his Doctrine *Wrote about how to diplomatically handle USSR.
"X" George Kennan
Domino Theory When one country falls to communism so will the rest around it.
Peristroika To rebuild and reform ones politics and economy.
Glasnost When freedom of information happened in Russia by Gorbachev
Vietnam Syndrome Americas unpopular response to the Vietnam war.
Realism The US should be guided by our interests
Idealism The US should be guided by our Foreign Policy
Isolationism Lack of interest in the outside world
Internationalism Multilateral or unilateral
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