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Organic elements of vitamin C, H, O sometimes N
Why are vitamins required? Cataylsts of enzyme system required to release energy from fat, proteins and carbs
Fucntions of vitamins antioxidants - protect from free radicals co enzymes food additives ( can be added to cereals etc) pharmacologic helpers (ance)
Water soluble vitamins B C
Fat soluble vitamins A D E K
Where are water soluble vitmains absorbed into to? Blood stream
What happens to excess amounts of Water soluble vitamins Excreted in urine
Vit B1 Thiamine
Vit B2 Riboflavin
Vit B3 Niacin
Vit B5 Pantothenic
Vit B6 Pyridoxine
Vit B7 Biotin
Vit B9 Folate and folic acid
Vit B12 cobalamin
Vit C ascorbic acid
How frequently are water soluble vitmains required 1-3 days
Where are fat soluble vit absorbed? lympathetic system then bloodstream
Excess fat soluble vit stored liver and adipose tissue
Vit A retinol
Vit D calciferol
Vit E tocopherol
Vit K menadoine
Functions of vit A Skin, hair, mucous membranes
Functions of vit D Bone formation, nervous system and heart action
Functions of Vit E Protects blood cells, tissues and essential fatty acids from the destruction in the body
Functions Vit K Blood clotting
Functions of fat soluble vitmains antioxidants, co enzymes, food additives, pharmacologic agents
How do fat soluble vitamin work as antioxidants donate electrons to the free radicals
where are vitamins absorbed intestinal wall
where are vitamins digested small intestine
How are vitamins absorbed, transport? Active transport and diffusion.
what is the chemcial compound found in stomach to aid absorption of B12 Intrinsic factor
where is folic acid absorbed ileum
where is vit A absorbed Duodenum and upper jejunal of small intestine
what 2 vitamins fight for the same receptor site A and D
what vitamin is essential for Ca binding protein - to aid in Calcium absorption D
which B vitamin is dependent on Ca B12
Large dose of vit E inhibit what other vitamin K
3 vitamins aid in iron absorption A, B6, C
What mineral is required for the mobilsation of stored vit A Zinc
4 acids that enhance in iron absoprtion ascorbic, Citric, malic and tataric
what is beta carotene a precurser of vit A
High vitamin C can cause what mineral dificiency copper
excess vit D can induce what minerals deficiency Magnesium and Potassium
excess vit A can induce what minerals loss (vitamin D flights for the receptor site but losses) calcium
why do ADEK not need to be consumed everyday? As they are stored in Liver and Adiose tissue when not utilised
where is folic acid (B9) absorbed ileum
Created by: Gemma Macklin
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