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Giving Bedpan

1 Carry out beginning Procedure: Wash hands, Identify patient and yourself, explain procedure, provide for privacy, and elevate bed to proper working position.
2 Assemble equipment: Gloves (2 pair), Bedpan, tissue, protector pad, bath blanket, basin, washcloth, soap, and towel
3 Lower the head of the bed and apply gloves
4 Take the bedpan and toilet tissue from the bedside stand
5 Place bedpan at foot of bed and cover patient with a bath blanket, raise the patient's gown.
6 Row patient to side and place protector pad under buttocks. Place bedpan on buttocks and roll patient back on bedpan, check to be sure that the bedpan is positioned properly. Replace bedside covers.
7 Raise the head of the bed to comfortable height and place toilet tissue and signal light with patients reach. Instruct patient to call when finished.
8 Remove gloves, wash hands and leave room.
9 Watch for teh patients signal light and respond promptly. Wash hands and apply gloves
10 Fill the basin with warm water and place it next to teh soap, washcloth, and towel on overbed table
11 Flatten the bed adn row patient to side with one hand on the bedpan and one hand on the small of the back...help wipe patient if needed. DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING WITH THE HAND YOU HELP WIPE THE PATIENT WITH OR THE HAND ON THE BEDPAN.
12 Take the bedpan to the bathroom and observe contents, measure if required. Empty in toliet and rinse bedpan with cold water and disinfect. Rinse, dry, return to storage in teh patients bedside stand.
13 Remove gloves and wash hands... Instruct patient to wash hands on bedside table with the washcloth and soap supplied.
14 lower bed, raise side rails, provide signal light and instruct patient to call if needed. Wash hands and open privacy curtain.
Created by: missy_0441