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UI HM2 lilk8tob

Involuntary loss of urine during activities that increase abdominal and detrusor pressure Stress UI
Loss of urine associated w/ a strong desire to urinate. Urge UI
Involuntary loss of urine associated w/ overdistention of the bladder when the bladder's capacity has reached its maximum Overflow UI
Leakage of urine caused by factors other than disease of the lower UT Functional UI
UI in woman who just gave birth Stress UI
Kegel exercises help these two: Stress & Urge
How long to Kegels take to help? several weeks to 3 months, most notice change after 6 weeks
Drugs used in Stress UI Estrogen & Ditropan
How does Ditropan help? Anticholinergic/antispasmodic - increases bladder capacity
Vaginal cone therapy helps for: Stress UI
Best drugs for Urge UI Anticholinergics are best
All drugs for Urge UI Estrogen & oxybutynin (Ditropan)
Drugs for Urge UI work by relaxing the smooth muscle, thus increasing bladder capacity
Bladder training helps with this UI Urge UI
Drugs for Reflex/Overflow UI Urecholine for short term urinary retention
Important about Urecholine: Never give IM or IV
Self cath- adjust frequency to maintain output of: 300ml or less
Pessary and penile clamp used for this UI Functional UI
How does pessary work? Intravaginal pessary supports the uterus and vagina and helps maintain the correct position of the bladder
Created by: lilk8tob