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HM2 Renal

Renal exams for HM2 lilk8tob

Is dye used: KUB no dye
Is dye used: IVP Systemic dye is used
Is dye used: CT Systemic dye is used
Is dye used: Cystography Dye put in bladder w/ catheter
Is dye used: VCUG Dye in bladder through cath
Is dye used: Renal arteriography Dye injected into renal arteries (systemic)
Is dye used: Renal biopsy No dye is used
Is dye used: Renography Radionuclide injected by IV and absorbed into kidney (systemic)
Is dye used: Ultrasound No dye used
Is dye used: Cytoscopy No dye used, but sedation is used
Is dye used: Cytourethroscopy No dye used, but sedation is used
Is dye used: Retrograde study Dye is instilled into each ureter & renal pelvis (not systemic)
This is an X-ray of the kidney, ureter & bladder that shows gross anatomical features KUB
Radiopaque dye used - x-rays show where dye went IVP
With IVP, assess for: history of asthma, DM, iodine allergy, or if on Glucophage; drink 1 L of fluid after
This is 3D info about kidneys, ureters & bladder CT
With CT, must: Ask about allergies & encourage extra hydration post-procedure
Dye is put in bladder w/ cath- shows bladder contour Cystography
With Cystography, risk for: Increased risk of infection from Cath.
Put dye in bladder w/ cath, client pees while X-ray taken VCUG
Dye injected into renal artery to assess arterial blood supply. Will show arterial blockage or extravasation Renal arteriography
For renal arteriography, review record for: Heparin, warfarin, aspirin or dye allergy
After renal arteriography: bedrest 4-6 hrs, creatinine checks for several days
Pt holds breath, needle inserted into renal cortex Renal biopsy
Before renal biopsy: Empty bladder, NPO, do baseline clotting studies
Post renal biopsy: Strict bedrest 2-6 hrs, watch for hematuria
Post renal biopsy aching @ biopsy site that radiates to flank: Sign of bleeding
This uses radionuclide injected by IV and absorbed into kidney to give general info on renal blood flow & GF. Renography
Post Renography: Lots of fluid, radioactive gone in 24 hours, if Capoten used, check BP
Apply soundwaves to see kidney size, tumors Ultrasound
Before ultrasound: drink lots of fluid to have full bladder
Operative procedure w/ camera and sedation cytoscopy & cytourethroscopy
Post cytoscopy & cytourethroscopy: check airway, pink urine is ok, no urine means clot, encourage fluids & deep breathing, leg cramps are comman and ok
Dye instilled into each ureter & renal pelvis and x-rays taken as dye is excreted- shows outline of structures Retrograde
After pee, measure residual Cystometrography
Insert cath w/ pressure-sensing abilities into the bladder- urethral pressure profile (UPP)
Electrodes placed in urethra to measure muscle contraction and relaxation Electromyography (EMG)
Client starts to pee, tell him to stop, see how long it takes to stop flow of urine Urine stream test
Created by: lilk8tob