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Module 1 Test

Describes a communication system capable of identifying the number and location of the phone from which a caller is calling? Enhanced 911
Once police have made the scene safe, the priority of the EMT at a crime scene is to: Provide patient care
What is NOT a critical element of the infection control plan, request Title 29 Code of Federal Regulation 1910.1030: hand washing
The influenza pandemic of 1918 killed 30-50 million
patient dies in ED, you're leaving, patient's wife finds you and screams that its your fault and blames you for not getting on the there fast enough, taking too long at the house, and not shocking her husband back to life like on tv. what should you do Listen empathetically to all of her complaints and let her know she can contact you for any additional assistance
What is the appropriate agency to report to in case of an incident in which an EMT is stuck by a needle? OSHA
A critical stress debriefing is held how many hours after a major incident: 24-72 Hours After
For the NREMT Psychomotor examination the assessment sheet lists how many different SECTIONS for history taking for the Medical Patient Assessment/Management? 2
What is the possible outcome if an adult patient refuses treatment, but the EMT overrides this decision and transports the patient to the hospital anyway? The EMT could potentially face an assault and battery or kidnapping charge
A patient is in full respiratory arrest and will likely not survive the arrest. The EMT learns the patient is an organ donor. What is the appropriate way to proceed? Continue to provide treatment at an appropriate level based on the patient's condition
You arrive on scene to respond to a child in respiratory distress. you discover that the parents are divorced, and are arguing about providing care, and the father is blocking your access. What is the best course of action for you to take? call police for assistance
45 y/o man who is suffering from chest pain is pale, sweaty, and seems short of breath. He is angry with his daughter for calling 911. He had some spicy sausage for breakfast and has indigestion. What is an appropriate means of getting him care he needs? find out why he doesnt want to go to the hospital
A Latin term meaning " the thing speaks for itself" res ipsa loquitur
A person whom the signer of the document names to make health care decisions in case he is unable to make such decisions for himself is called a proxy
An EMT may be able to "arrest" a patient who refuses care in order to provide necessary treatment. False
What is the incubation period for the "German Measles" 10 to 12 days
laceration call. When you arrive , you find a person with a severe wrist laceration from a broken window. You immediately grab the wrist and apply pressure to the wound. You realize you forgot to put on gloves. your hand is covered in blood. Wash your hands and report the exposure.
You should take an infants pulse at which spot? Brachial
assault on homeless male. Dried blood is visible around mouth and nose. you note the patient has a productive cough. the best approach regarding respiratory isolation: mask yourself and the patient
last few days, your EMT partner has had trouble sleeping, been on edge, trouble concentrating on his job since the infant cardiac arrest last month. States he is fine. He's been going to bars to relax and invites you. what do you do? Your partner is suffering form a delayed stress reaction and you should recommended that he seek professional counseling.
Enlargement of the adrenal glands is called Hypertrophy
55-year-old male. wife called 911 because of chest pains. He's angry because he states he only has heartburn and adamantly refuses any treatment or transport. After signing a refusal form, collapses and goes into cardiac arrest. What should you do? provide emergency care under implied consent
Good Samaritan laws do not prevent someone from initiating a lawsuit, nor will they protect the rescuer from being found liable for acts of gross negligence and other violations of the law. True
Giving a patient unwanted care and transportation is viewed as: Battery
you find a female who appears beaten unconscious. A man, who smells of alcohol, says t he doesn't know what happened. He's suspicious, appears paranoid, and is pacing erratically around the room. What would be the safest course of action? Leave the house and call for law enforcement
The earliest documented emergency medical service was in France, 1790's
During what decade did the development of modern EMS system begin 1960's
In what year was "SARS" a worldwide problem 2003
The purpose of a Medic Alert tag is to provide important information to EMT about the patient's medical conditions
The agency that has issued strict guidelines detailing precautions against exposure to blood-borne pathogens is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration
BEST describes a person who speaks up on behalf of the patient and supports his cause? Advocate
not considered advanced directives expressed consent
The minimum amount of time that breathing should be observed when counting respirations is? 30 seconds
What is the incubation period for tuberculosis? 2-6 weeks
An N95 or HEPA respirator should be worn after contact with an HIV-positive patient. false
For the NREMT Psychomotor examination the assessment sheet lists how many different SECTIONS for history taking for the Trauma Patient Assessment/Management? 1
A Communicable Disease that can occur with direct contact with infected wounds or sores or with contaminated objects: Staphylococcal
You arrive on scene to find an 80-year-old man in full cardiac arrest. This man's daughter tells you that he has a DNR order, but she is unable to provide verification of this. What should you do? Begin CPR, because written documentation is required for a DNR order
In what year was the " National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians" founded to establish professional standards: 1970
If a mentally competent patient refuses treatment, even though he clearly requires treatment, what is the next best step? Carefully document the situation, and ask the patient to sign a release from liability form
What is NOT a way that Ebola can be spread inhilation
A stress reaction that is also known as "burnout" Cumulative Stress Reaction
In what decade was an increased emphasis placed on body substance isolation 1980's
Which of the following statement is NOT true about HIPAA as it relates to EMS? The way HIPAA is applied to individual EMS systems is directed by the policies and procedures of each system
NOT a recommended action when responding to an emergency call that is also a possible crime scene? Enter the scene immediately to begin emergency medical treatment for the patient
Which of the following would be a violation of confidentiality? Giving a medical update to a neighbor who is on the scene while treatment is occurring
One of his sons is cursing at you and your partner, saying that you are not moving fast enough. Which stage of grief is the patient's son experiencing in response to his father's death. anger
What Level of Evidence is the "highest level" level 1
What is the name of the federal act that mandates a procedure by which emergency healthcare providers can find out if they have been exposed to potentially life-threating diseases while on the job? Ryan White CARE Act
The Diastolic blood pressure is generally represented by a flat line on an EKG? True
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