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4th Grade Science

Chapter 5 Lesson 1

The flattest kind of landform without any hills or mountains is a _____. The elevation is lower than a plateau. plain
The dropping off of sediment is _____. deposition
Bits of rock, sand and soil are called _____. sediment
Natural features on the earth's surface are called _____. geological features
The tallest and most visible geological features on earth are called _____. mountains
A ____ is a comparatively flat area at a high elevation, or height. plateau
Gusts of wind can pile sand into large mounds in deserts and on beaches. These mounds are called _____. sand dunes
A _____ is a geological feature often shaped like a triangle where a river enters a lake or ocean and sediment is deposited. delta
_____ are long, narrow strips of land formed by deposits of sand. They protest the coastal mainlad. barrier islands
Which landforms are created by water? canyons and valleys
Which landforms are shpaed by wind? sand dunes and beaches
Why does the Mississippi appear brown in many places? The river carries sand, clay, and soil.
Created by: Buckethead