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Greek Vocabulary etc

Dan Nicholas

αγγελος angel
αγρός field
ο αδελφός Brother, fellow believer
αμαρτωος Sinner
ο αποστολος Apostle
διακονος Minister
ο δούλος Servant, slave
ο θανατος Death
θεος God
Ιησους Jesus
κοσμος World
κυριος Lord, master
λιθος Stone
λογος Word, message
νομος Law
οικος House
οχλος Crowd
υιος Son
Χριστος Christ
δωρον Gift
εργον work
ευαγγελιον Gospel
ιεροω Temple
τεκνον Child
ερημος Wilderness
οδος Road
γινωσκω I know
λαμβάνω I take
λεγω I say, I speak
 θερω I bring, I bear
αγγα but
δε now, but
και and, also, even
και . . . και both . . . and
-ος Singular masculine nominative
-ου Singular masculine genitive
-ῳ Singular masculine dative
-ον Singular masculine accusative. singular neuter nominative + accusative
-οι Plural masculine neuter. Plural masculine vocative.
-ων Plural masculine genitive. Plural neuter genitive.
-οις Plural masculine dative. Plural neuter dative.
-ους Plural masculine accusative.
Plural neuter accusative
Nominative Subject, noun, pronoun. ΜΕΝ see apostles.
Genitive Possessive. Wisdom of men. Men's wisdom.
Dative Indirect object. God gave gifts TO MEN.
Accusative Direct object. God gave GIFTS to me.
Vocative The person being addressed. I don't know, John.
σῶμα Body
φωνή Sound
καρδία Heart
φόβος Fear
γένος Race
Φίλιππος Philip
ἔξοδος Departure
ζωή Life
Πέτρος Peter
γυνή woman
πατήρ father
ψυχή soul
πόλις city
ἔχω I have / first person singular masculine
ἔχεις You have/ Second person singular masculine
ἔχει He has / third person singular masculine
ἔχομεν We have / first person plural masculine
ἔχετε You have / Second person plural masculine
ἔχουσι They have / third person plural masculine
Imperfective aspect focuses on the process or duration of the action
Aoristic aspect focuses on the verbal idea in its entirety
Perfective aspect focuses on the state or condition resulting from a completed action.
λύω I loose
π, β, φ + σ = double consonant ψ
κ, γ, χ + σ = double consonant ξ
τ, δ, θ drop out before σ
πέμπω I send
ἄγω I lead
πείθω I trust in
κηρύσσω I preach
βαπτίζω I baptize
-ω, -εις, -ει, -μεν, -τε, -ουσι(ν) person-number suffixes
ἄλλος another kind
γνώμη maxim
The negative NOT is expressed in Greek by ... the adverb οὐ / or before a word beginning with a vowel, οὐκ
ἀλλά but
Created by: dan nicholas
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