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Cell information

learn about cells

what is the outer layer of a cell membrane
what is a rigid outer structure in a plant cell cell wall
what is the organelle that stores DNA Nucleus
A web of protiens in the cytoplasm is the Cytoskeleton
what are protiens made of Amino acids
_________ are organelles that make protiens. Ribosomes
What breaks down sugar to produce energy mitochondria
How many types of Endoplasmic Reticulum are there? two
what type is the Endoplasmic Reticulum if it has no ribosomes on it smooth
what is the system of folses membranes that lipids, protiens, and other materials are made called? Endoplasmic Reticulum
where is the site of cellular resperation at. Mitochondria
where is the energy in the mitochondria stored at? ATP
what does ATP stand for adenosine triphosphate
what cell process is located in the chloroplasts photosynthisis
what is the reason for chloroplasts being green chlorophil
what type of cell is a chloroplast found in plant
what organelle packages and distributes protiens golgi complex
who is the golgi complex named after Camillo Golgi
what is a small sac that surrounds material to be moved into, around, and out of the cell vesicle
what organelle contains digestive enzymes and are in mainly animal cells lysosomes
what is the difusion of water osmosis
how many types of cells are there two
what type of cell has a nucleus eukaryotic
what type of cell doesnt have a nucleus prokaryotic
what does archae- mean in archaebacteria ancient
how many levels are in the levels of classifications four
what is the smallest thing on the levels of classification cell
what is a group cells tissue
what is one level lower then an organ system organ
what is an arangment of parts in an orginism structure
how many kingdoms are there seven
what is the smallest kingdom made of extremeophiles archaebacteria
what is the eukaryotic kingdom of bacterium that can be found in your body eubacteria
what is a single celled eukaryoutic kingdom with euglena protista
what are plant like protista algae
what are animal like protista protozoans
what are fungi like protista slime molds
what kingdom hasa complex multi cellular orginisms that use spores to reproduce fungi
what kingdom hasa complex multi cellular orginisms that use photosynthisis to make energy plantae
what is plantae`s common name plant
what kingdom hasa complex multi cellular orginisms that has special sence organs animalia
what is animalia`s common name animal
what is the movement of particles from high to low concentration diffusion
what is the movement of particles through the cell membrane without the use of energy passive transport
what is the movement of particles through the cell membrane with the use of energy active transport
what is the active transport which the cell expells a paricle exocytosis
what is the active transport which a pariclethe enters a cell endocytosis
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