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Week 7 Vergil Flash

vergil Flashcards

ruina collapse
rursus again
sacerdos priest
satis enough
secundus following
septem seven
sepulcrum tomb
sive within
soleo i am accustomed to
struo i set in place
subito suddenly
taurus bull
tempestas storm
timeo i fear
torus bed
trabs trunk
trepidus fearful
Tyros Tyre
uterus womb
valeo i am strong
vanus empty
verbum word, verb
vitta ribbon
vivo i live
votum vow
aditus approach
aequo i make level
aer air
aevum time
ager field
agito i set in motion
Androgeos Androgeos
arceo i hold in
arduus tall
Argolicus Greek
astrum star, sky
Atridae son of Atreus
aufero i carry away
avus grandfather
caedo i strike
carpo i pluck
caterva crowd
celsus tall
Ceres Ceres
ceu like, as
cieo i move
cinis ashes
comitor I accompany
communis common
concurro i run together
concutio i shake
coniugium marriage
conscius conscious, aware
consido i sit down
conspicio i catch sight of
converto i turn around
Coroebus Coroebus
curro i run
curvus curved
custos guard
debeo i own
defendo i defend
deficio i let down
desuper from above
dignus suitable
disicio i break up
ferox fierce
instrauro i renew
labo i am shaky
iugum cliff
dissimulo i hide
Dolopes Dolopians
donec as long as
ductor leader
educo i lead out
effundo i pour out
eruo i dig up
everto i overturn
excedo i leave
excido i cut out
exerceo i train
exstinguo i kill
fatalis destined
fauces throat
felix happy
ferus wild, savage
fletus tears
foedus agreement
foris door
fors chance, luck
frigus cold weather
frons leafy branch
gaudeo i am glad, rejoice
germana sister
glomero i form into a ball
gradior i step, walk
horrendus fearful
horridus rough
horror horror, dread
hospitium hospitality, entertainment of guests
hymenaeus marriage
ianua door
immensus huge
impius wicked, impious
implico i fold
improbus shameless
incertus uncertain, unsure
incido i fall into
Created by: GCFfan1