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microbiology ch.1-13

microbiology ch.8-13

what term refers to a relationship in which 2 microbes work together to achieve a disease that could not be produced separately> synergism
another term for opportunistic pathogens that live on the skin or inside th human body is: indigenous flora
what term refers to a hospital acquired condition? nosocomial
during the nitrogen cycle, organic nitrogen inside decay is broken down by: putrefactive bacteria
what term refers to when one microbe prevents the growth of another microbe? antagonism
opportunistic pathogens are always harmless.... t or f false
indigenous microflora provide an advantage by occupying space on the human body.... t or f true
ectoparasites cause infestations.... t or f true
two organisms that live close together but do not affect each other is referred to as neutralism .......... t or f true
disease causing microorganisms ar reffered to as pathogens.... t or f true
what term refers to the relationship btween a human host and indigenous microflora> symbosis
why would the presence of microbes in spinal fluid indicate an infection? spinal fluid is clear
explain how indigenous microflora contribute to increasing the disease-fighting ability of the body stimulate the immune system
describe the mutalistic relationship of humans to E. coli. e.coli in the test obtains nutrients from humans it produces vitamin k, which is needed
mutualism e. coli and human intestine
ruminants cows and sheep
synergism fusobacteria and spirochetes
aantagonism penicillium mold and staphylococci
endoparasites tapeworms
what physiological action of the intestine aids in removing pathogens? peristalsis
what protien is effective against some types of cancers and against viral infections? interferons
what group of interleukins stimulates iron storage in the liver? IL-1
a surgical patient that is having an immediate hypersensitivity to a drug is experiencing a anaphylactic reaction
histiocytes are located in the reticuloendothelial system... t or f true
during the inflammatory response macrophages are attracted to the site of injury by chemotaxis....t or f true
antibodies passed from a pregnant female to the fetus is referred to as natrual active acquired immunity .......t or f false
autoimmune diseases cause the destruction of a person's tissue......t or f true
type II hypersensitivity reaction is a type of delayed reaction........ t or f false
attenuation lab process of weakening pathogens
lag phase during the production of antibodies... delayed response in production of antibodies
describe how histamine is released during an allergic reaction type I release of antihistamines from basocells
list 5 important treatments of anaphylactic reaction 100% oxygen injecting reduces laryngeal spasms injecting steroids IVfluids
prevents pathogens from adhering to muccous membranes IgA
very effective against gram-negative bacteria IgM
controls antigen stimulation of B cells IgD
cause of allergies and drug sensitivity IgE
aids in phagocytes and complement IgG
S. aures is chemoorganotroph
what is the name of infections of hair follicles marked by the development of pustules follicultis
what type of bone is most often affected in children with osteomyelitis long bones
what part of the body does s. aureus primarily colonize? nasal passages
what is the primary choice of drug for treating s. aureus and s. epidermidis infections vancomycin
when cultured in the lab, s. aures is white in color and s. epidermidis is yellow... t or f false
bacteremia is the presence of bacteria in the blood stream....t or f true
s. epidermidis is referred to as being coagulase-negative ........ t or f true
osteomyelitis can reoccur for many years with antibiotic therapy... t or f true
care must be taken when moving a patient with SSSS due to nikolsky's sign.... t or f true
describe how s. aureus coagulase increases the virulence of the microbe. causes citrated blood plasma to clot
list the diagnostic procedures that may be performed to diagnose osteomyelitis tomography radionuclide bone scanning
describe the appearance of a heart valve that has been infected by s. aureus rough reddend surface
what are the risk factors for developing osteomyelitis persistent pain
s.aureus TSS food poisoning cardiac endocarditis
s. epidermidis prosthetic device infection IV catheter
what surgical procedure can be performed for the freatment of otitis media myringotomy
group a streptococci are beta hemolytic
how does the protein M increase the virulence of s. pyogenes antiphagocytic
which of the following is a risk factor of pregnant females for the neotate developing GBS? urinary tract infection
what color of pigment does s. viridans produce in a lab culture aiding in id green
s. viridans derives its ability to adhere to tooth enamel by the production of glycocalyx......... t/f false
the durg choice in treating GBS is penicillin G. t/f true
the acog believes that universal screening should be utilixed in treating women for GBS true
Upon examination of the throat of a patient suffering streptococcal pharyngitis while patches of pus will be seen true
beta hemolysis refers to the complete lysis of erythrocytes that surround a bacterial colony non a petridish true
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