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Latin America

Smog A form of pollution usually caused by the exhausts from cars and other modern engines, creating a haze just above the land.
Urban The city, area with larger population and city structures.
Overcrowding A problem with urban areas where large populations have gathered and many live in poverty and pollution is common.
Refugees Populations who have been displaced from their homes as a result of warfare or natural disaster.
Pollution irritants in the air as a result of modern engines and the burning of fossil fuels.
Traditions the ways of life passed down from generation to generation, beliefs, behaviors.
Natural Disasters Any nature made storm or devastation, usually comes on quickly and can cause extreme damage and loss of life.
Deforestation The clearing of lands and forests, removing trees for the purpose of housing or farming, destroys forests and natural habitats.
Altitude Elevation levels based from sea level, the higher altitudes impact climate and vegetation.
Terraced farming A farming technique in which mountains are cut out into level platforms for farming.
landlocked Nations that are interior in continents and do not have access to seas or continental coastlands.
Hurricanes Huge water storms, usually over warm waters near the Equator, where the water swirls into violent funnels, with damaging winds and flooding.
Temperate A type of climate in which the weather and trends are mild in nature, usually in the middle latitudes.
Isthmus A narrow strip of land where 2 larger landmasses are linked together
Archipelago A chain of islands
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