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chapter three of the technology book

Energy the ability to do work . can never be created or destroyed. gives the ability to do work; a scalar physical quantity that describes the amount of work that can be performed by a force, an attribute of objects and systems
mechanical energy energy that can be used directly to do work. the sum of potential energy and kinetic energy present in the components of a mechanical system
Potential Energy Stored energy. Energy that is capable of doing useful work if it was released. . potential energy is the energy which is possessed by the virtue of its position
kinetic Energy moving energy. the energy possessed by a body by the virtue of its motion or movement
Chemical Energy the energy set free in a chemical reaction. It is a form of potential energy and results from the making and breaking of chemical bonds.
Electrical Energy energy of moving electric particles; form of potential energy
Heat Energy total kinetic energy of all the particles of a substance
Light Energy energy given out by light sources; only form of energy that you can see directly
Sound Energy energy present in a sound wave, vibrations of the air molecules
Renewable Energy source of the energy is still there after the energy is taken from it. e.g.: wind, solar, hydroelectric
Non-Renewable Energy source of the energy is gone after the energy is taken from it. e.g: nuclear energy, fossil fuels
The Sun, our star Most energy originally comes from this
Work Energy allows this to be done. i.e.: a forces through a distance
Electricity convenient energy used at home
Watt Unit of Power
Reservoir Lots of water can be stored in this
Insulation Reduces heat loss in a house
Nuclear Energy Energy released by splitting atoms nucleus
Chemical Energy type of energy stored in batteries
Potential energy Energy with capacity to do work
Coal a type of dark fossil fuel we burn
Motor electrical energy changes to mechanical energy
Bulb electrical energy changes to light and heat energy
Battery chemical energy changes to electrical energy
Microphone Sound energy changes to electrical energy
Speaker electrical energy changes to sound energy
hair-dryer electrical energy to heat, sound and kinetic energy
Bonfire chemical energy to light, heat and sound energy
Dynamo mechanical energy to electrical energy
Created by: murphyspooks