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CCS Latin 1/2 C9

Vocabulary for Latin 1/2 Chapter 9

campus field
pāstor (+ pl and gender) shepherd pl:pāstorēs gen:M
canis (+ pl and gender) dog pl:canēs gen:M or F
ovis (+ pl and gender) ewe pl:ovēs gen:F
niger, nigra, nigrum black
ūndēcentum ninety-nine
albus –a –um white
cibus food
herba grass
edit (3 or 4?) eats, is eating, does eat (3)
pānis (+ pl and gender) bread pl:pānēs gen:M
collis (+ pl and gender) hill pl:collēs gen:M
mōns (+ pl and gender) mountain pl:montēs gen:M
vallis (+ pl and gender) valley pl:vallēs gen:F
procul (usually followed by ab/ā) far (away from)
arbor (+ pl. and gender) tree pl:arborēs gen:F
silva forest, woods
lupus wolf
sōl (+ genitive, gender ) sun genitive:sōlis gender:M
caelum sky, heaven(s)
suprā (case?) above, over +ACC case
color (+ pl and gender) color pl:colōrēs gen:M
lūcet shines, is shining, does shine
sub (case?) under, below, beneath +ABL case
umbra shade, shadow
petit (3 or 4?) seeks, is seeking, does seek, or heads for (3)
dūcit (3 or 4?) leads, is leading, does lead (3)
iacet lies down, is lying down, does lie down
dum while
relinquit (3 or 4?) leaves, abandons (3)
lātrat barks, is barking, does bark
errat wanders, is wandering, does wander
vēstīgium footprint, trace, mark
ipse –a –um himself, herself, itself, themselves
quaerit (3 or 4?) hunts, is hunting, does hunt or searches for (3)
reperit (3 or 4?) finds, is finding, does find (4)
ululat howls, is howling, does howl
dēns (+ pl and gender) tooth pl:dentēs gen:M
accurrit (3 or 4?) runs up, is running up, does run up (3)
imponit (3 or 4?) puts, is putting, does put (in or on) (3)
dūc! lead! (irregular singular imperative of dūcit)
dēclīnātiō declension (chart of nouns in all 5 cases)
dēclīnat declines/form the endings in all 5 cases for a given noun
hōc modō in this way
nūbēs (+ pl and gender) cloud pl: nūbēs gen: F
Created by: CCSLatinOne