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Unit 1

AP Biology Unit 1 Vocabulary-Sedano

Adhesion the clinging of one substance to another, such as water to plant cell walls by means if hydrogen bonds
Cohesion the clinging of water molecules via hydrogen bonds(Water connected to Water)
Hydrogen Bond weak bond in which a hydrogen from one water molecule and an oxygen from another bond together
Polar in a molecule each end has different charge like with magnets
Surface Tension strength of the surface of a liquid before it break(Hydrogen bonds give water high surface tension)
Atom what makes chemical elements(basis for everything)
Essential Element Hydrogen, Carbon, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Sulfur, and phosphorous
Macromolecule carbohydrates, protein, and nucleic acids
Cleavege splitting
Dehydration Synthesis losing a hydrogen when making a polymer bond
Hydrolysis add water to break apart a polypeptide
Monomer the building blocks of polymers
Amino Acid makes up proteins, monomer of polypeptides
Amino Terminus the amino end of a polypetide
Carbohydrates a sugar polymer made up of Monosaccharides monomers
Carboxyl Terminus the carboxyl end of a polypeptide
Deoxyribonucleic Acid double stranded helix with genetic information
Deoxyribose sugar in DNA
Hydrophilic being attracted to water (having affinity for water)
Hydrophobic having little attraction for water (having no affinity for water)
Lipid made up of fatty acids
Nitrogenous Base pyrimidine and purines
Nucleic Acid many nucleotide monomers
Nucleotide monomers that bond to form nucleic acids
Phosphate connector in polnucleotides
Phospholipids make up cell membrane and are made of two fatty acids with glycerol uniting them
Polymer long molecule of many monomers
Protein molecule consisting of polypeptides that fold and coil into a specific 3 dimensional structure(POLYMER)
R Group the center of an amino acid(carbon atom)
Ribonucleic Acid made up of nucleotide monomers, ribose sugar, and nitrogenous bases, protein synthesis, gene regulation, and genome of some viruses
Ribose sugar in RNA
Saturated Fat many hydrogen atoms in structure saturated
Unsaturated Fats less hydrogen atoms thanks to double bonds
3' carbon sticking out 3
5' carbon sticking out 5
Alpha Hex Part of the DNA helix and holds backbone
Anitparallel-In regards to DNA when 5'carbon and 3'outside carbon run in opposite(Double Helix)
Beta-Sheet a secondary structure of a protein, 2 strands of polypeptide are side by side???????
Covalent Bond strong chemical bond in which 2 atoms share one or more pairs of valence electrons
Double Helix two strands spiraling on an imaginary axis
Peptide Compound containing 2 or more amino acids
Polypeptide polymer of amino acids peptide bonds used over and over
Primary Structure linked series of amino acids with a unique sequence
Secondary Structure repetitive coiling or folding of polypeptide backbone of a protein due to hydrogen bonding
Subunit a single protein molecule
Synthesis creation of something
Tertiary Structure shape of a protein molecule due to reactions of amino acid side chains, including hydrophobic interactions, ionic bonds, and hydrogen bonds
Sugar-Phosphate Backbone connects sugars in DNA and RNA
Created by: Hector23
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