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Chapter 9

liablity, law and ethics

what is IIHI? examples? Individually Identifiable Health Information - name, dob, ss#, email, date of treatment, MR#, birth certificate, drivers license, VIN, finger prints
what are patient rights under HIPAA? request for further restriction, -request for alternative communication -file a complaint - access to information and right to copy -request to amend their health info - accounting disclosure
when can PHI be disclosed? -required by law, -public health authority -child abuse/neglect - victims of abuse - FDA - communicable disease - public safety
detailed document that gives covered entities permission to use PHI authorization
permission to treat consent
who owns the patient record, do they have to be sent out to another physician if requested? physician or medical facility owns it, and yes have to be sent out if requested by patient
informed consent permission granted in the knowledge of the possible consequences, typically that which is given by a patient to a doctor for treatment with full knowledge of the possible risks and benefits.
confidential relationship A relationship in which one cannot reveal information given to him by another without the express consent of the other, unless required by law.
how is imformed consent presented? in writing
What are ADVANCE DIRECTIVES? Special documents signed by the patient,witnessed and notarized. These documents are put in place in case the patient is incapable of making decisions for him/herself.
electronic health record (EHR) global concept that inclues the collection of patient informtion documetnted by a number of providers at different facilitites regarding one patient.
Electronic Medical Record (EMR) An electronic version of the client data found in the traditional paper medical record is the
HITECH Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act
What are the components of confidentiality? it's primarily a matter of ethics and it protects the client from unauthorized disclosure of any sort by the practitioner without informed consent from the client
Under what circumstances can confidentiality be breached? (1) When client requests information be shared (2) when there is a clear duty to warn or protect (3) when there is a legal obligation to testify in court (under subpoena)
What are the components of confidentiality? it's primarily a matter of ethics and it protects the client from unauthorized disclosure of any sort by the practitioner without informed consent from the client
Privileged Communication is legal term, it is a legal right that exists by statue. Right of a person in a "special relationship" to prevent disclosure in legal proceedings of information given in confidence within that relationship
confidentiality can be broken when: (1) there is clear and immediate danger to self or others (2) when the psych has reasonable knowledge or suspicion that a client poses a serious danger to an identifiable potential victim (duty to warn) (3) the reason must be compelling and you must b
The right to confidentiality of records informed consent is required in order to disclose
who have the responsability to maintain confidentiality? everyone who has contact with patient information
the patient-physician priviledge belong to...
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