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Science 7P


What is the inner core of a virus composed of DNA
An organism within which a virus "lives" is called a Host cell
Which structure would a virus use to attach itself to the outside of a bacteria cell Tailfibers
A virus that infects bacteria is called a Parasite
When a virus enters a bacterium, it discards its Genetic Material
The structure that gives a bacterium its distinctive shape is its Plasma Membrane
Today, most classification systems place bacteria in the kingdom Bacteria
Chemicals produced by bacteria that kill or weaken disease-causing microorganisms are called Anti-bodies
The process used to destroy bacteria in milk before it is marketed is Pasteurization
What is bacteria used for? Make a list test antibiotics; Make you sick
Some bacteria have structures called ________ that help them move in watery environments flagella
Organisms that break down dead organisms into simpler substances are called decomposers
Bacteria that can make their own food are called autotrophs
______ _____ are produced by some bacteria when their environment becomes unstable Insulin Cells
Viruses can only reproduce within a Cell
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