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Ancient Greek adv.

JACT Ancient Greek adverbs

οὐ οὐκ οὐχ not
οὖν so/therefore (pp)/then
ὡς how/as/that
οὐδέν nothing
τέλος finally
ἐξαίφνης suddenly
τí why? What?
ἔπειτα then/thereafter
δεῦρο here/hither
ποῦ where?
νῦν now
αὖθις again
σαφῶς clearly
ἄνω above
ἤδη γε already; yes
δὴ (δῆτα) then; now/of course;in fact
κακῶς badly
διὰ τί why?
καὶ δὴ καί and moreover
ἀκριβῶς closely/accurately
πάνυ very (much)/at all
βεβαία assured
ἀεί always
οὕτως thus/in this way
βραδέως slowly
ἡδέως with pleasure/happily
ψευδῶς falsly
ταχέως quickly
ἔτι still/yet
εὖ well
ἐπειδή when/since/because
δή then/indeed
μάλιστα especially/particularly
σχεδόν about/almost/nearly
οὐδεπω/οὔπω not yet
πως somehow/in some way
οὐδέποτε never
ἔνδον inside
αὔριον tomorrow
τήμερον today
ῥᾳδίως easily
πρῶτον first/at first
πόρρω far/far off
εἶτα then/next
πολλάκις often
ἴσως perhaps
εὐθύς at once/immediately/forthwith
δήπου of course/surely
πάλιν back/backwards/again
ἐκεῖσε to there/thither
ἐν τούτῳ meanwhile
ἐνταῦθα here/there; to here/there
ἐνθάδε here/there/now/to here/hither
ὅμως nevertheless/notwithstanding
αὗ again
πρότερον previously
ὡς (+fut. part.) in order to/to
οἷ whither
εἰκότως reasonably/right
παντελώς completely/outright
ἔνθα there
οὔποτε never
ὅθεν from where
οὗ where (at)
σφόδρα very much/exceedingly
αὐτίκα at once
χθές yesterday
ἄλλως otherwise; in vain
πάλαι long ago
οἶκόνδε homewards
ἀπάνευθεν afar off
Created by: xandoran78
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