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YTU G1 L14.4 Parsing

YTU Greek 1 L14.4 Parsing (PM/PI Deponents)

γίνομαι PM/PI 1S I am becoming, being
γίνῃ PM/PI 2S You are becoming, being
γίνεται PM/PI 3S He is becoming, being
γινόμεθα PM/PI 1P We are becoming, being
γίνεσθε PM/PI 2P Ye are becoming, being
γίνονται PM/PI 3P They are becoming, being
ἔρχομαι PM/PI 1S I am coming, going
ἔρχῃ PM/PI 2S You are coming, going
ἔρχεται PM/PI 3S He is coming, going
ἐρχόμεθα PM/PI 1P We are coming, going
ἔρχεσθε PM/PI 2P Ye are coming, going
ἔρχονται PM/PI 3P They are coming, going
ἀποκρίνομαι PM/PI 1S I am answering
ἀποκρίνῃ PM/PI 2S You are answering
ἀποκρίνεται PM/PI 3S He is answering
ἀποκρινόμεθα PM/PI 1P We are answering
ἀποκρίνεσθε PM/PI 2P Ye are answering
ἀποκρίνονται PM/PI 3P They are answering
ἐξέρχομαι PM/PI 1S I am going out, coming out
ἐξέρχῃ PM/PI 2S You are going out, coming out
ἐξέρχεται PM/PI 3S He is going out, coming out
ἐξερχόμεθα PM/PI 1P We are going out, coming out
ἐξέρχεσθε PM/PI 2P Ye are going out, coming out
ἐξέρχονται PM/PI 3P They are going out, coming out
δύναμαι PM/PI 1S I am powerful, able
δύνασαι PM/PI 2S You are powerful, able
δύναται PM/PI 3S He is powerful, able
δυνάμεθα PM/PI 1P We are powerful, able
δύνασθε PM/PI 2P Ye are powerful, able
δύνανται PM/PI 3P They are powerful, able
εἰσέρχομαι PM/PI 1S I am going or coming in or into, entering
εἰσέρχῃ PM/PI 2S You are going or coming in or into, entering
εἰσέρχεται PM/PI 3S He is going or coming in or into, entering
εἰσερχόμεθα PM/PI 1P We are going or coming in or into, entering
εἰσέρχεσθε PM/PI 2P Ye are going or coming in or into, entering
εἰσέρχονται PM/PI 3P They are going or coming in or into, entering
πορεύομαι PM/PI 1S I am going, proceeding
πορεύῃ PM/PI 2S You are going, proceeding
πορεύεται PM/PI 3S He is going, proceeding
πορευόμεθα PM/PI 1P We are going, proceeding
πορεύεσθε PM/PI 2P Ye are going, proceeding
πορεύονται PM/PI 3P They are going, proceeding
ἀπέρχομαι PM/PI 1S I am departing, going away/I am being departed, gone away
ἀπέρχῃ PM/PI 2S You are departing, going away/You are being departed, gone away
ἀπέρχεται PM/PI 3S He is departing, going away
ἀπερχόμεθα PM/PI 1P We are departing, going away
ἀπέρχεσθε PM/PI 2P Ye are departing, going away
ἀπέρχονται PM/PI 3P They are departing, going away
κάθημαι PM/PI 1S I am sitting
κάθῃ PM/PI 2S You are sitting
κάθηται PM/PI 3S He is sitting
καθήμεθα PM/PI 1P We are sitting
κάθησθε PM/PI 2P Ye are sitting
κάθηνται PM/PI 3P They are sitting
προσέρχομαι PM/PI 1S I am coming to
προσέρχῃ PM/PI 2S You are coming to
προσέρχεται PM/PI 3S He is coming to
προσερχόμεθα PM/PI 1P We are coming to
προσέρχεσθε PM/PI 2P Ye are coming to
προσέρχονται PM/PI 3P They are coming to
προσεύχομαι PM/PI 1S I am praying
προσεύχῃ PM/PI 2S You are praying
προσεύχεται PM/PI 3S He is praying
προσευχόμεθα PM/PI 1P We are praying
προσεύχεσθε PM/PI 2P Ye are praying
προσεύχονται PM/PI 3P They are praying
ἀσπάζομαι PM/PI 1S I am greeting, saluting
ἀσπάζῃ PM/PI 2S You are greeting, saluting
ἀσπάζεται PM/PI 3S He is greeting, saluting
ἀσπαζόμεθα PM/PI 1P We are greeting, saluting
ἀσπάζεσθε PM/PI 2P Ye are greeting, saluting
ἀσπάζονται PM/PI 3P They are greeting, saluting
δέχομαι PM/PI 1S I am receiving
δέχῃ PM/PI 2S You are receiving
δέχεται PM/PI 3S He is receiving
δεχόμεθα PM/PI 1P We are receiving
δέχεσθε PM/PI 2P Ye are receiving
δέχονται PM/PI 3P They are receiving
Created by: YoungTranslatorU
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