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YTU G1 L6.2 Parsing

YTU Greek 1 L6.2 Parsing (PAI all)

αἴρω PAI 1S I am taking up, away
αἴρεις PAI 2S You are taking up, away
αἴρει PAI 3S He is taking up, away
αἴρομεν PAI 1P We are taking up, away
αἴρετε PAI 2P Ye are taking up, away
αἴρουσι PAI 3P They are taking up, away
ἀκούω PAI 1S I am hearing
ἀκούεις PAI 2S You are hearing
ἀκούει PAI 3S He is hearing
ἀκούομεν PAI 1P We are hearing
ἀκούετε PAI 2P Ye are hearing
ἀκούουσι PAI 3P They are hearing
ἀποθνῄσκω PAI 1S I am dying
ἀποθνῄσκεις PAI 2S You are dying
ἀποθνῄσκει PAI 3S He is dying
ἀποθνῄσκομεν PAI 1P We are dying
ἀποθνῄσκετε PAI 2P Ye are dying
ἀποθνῄσκουσι PAI 3P They are dying
ἀποστέλλω PAI 1S I am sending
ἀποστέλλεις PAI 2S You are sending
ἀποστέλλει PAI 3S He is sending
ἀποστέλλομεν PAI 1P We are sending
ἀποστέλλετε PAI 2P Ye are sending
ἀποστέλλουσι PAI 3P They are sending
βάλλω PAI 1S I am throwing, putting
βάλλεις PAI 2S You are throwing, putting
βάλλει PAI 3S He is throwing, putting
βάλλομεν PAI 1P We are throwing, putting
βάλλετε PAI 2P Ye are throwing, putting
βάλλουσι PAI 3P They are throwing, putting
βλέπω PAI 1S I am seeing
βλέπεις PAI 2S You are seeing
βλέπει PAI 3S He is seeing
βλέπομεν PAI 1P We are seeing
βλέπετε PAI 2P Ye are seeing
βλέπουσι PAI 3P They are seeing
γινώσκω PAI 1S I am knowing
γινώσκεις PAI 2S You are knowing
γινώσκει PAI 3S He is knowing
γινώσκομεν PAI 1P We are knowing
γινώσκετε PAI 2P Ye are knowing
γινώσκουσι PAI 3P They are knowing
γράφω PAI 1S I am writing
γράφεις PAI 2S You are writing
γράφει PAI 3S He is writing
γράφομεν PAI 1P We are writing
γράφετε PAI 2P Ye are writing
γράφουσι PAI 3P They are writing
διδάσκω PAI 1S I am teaching
διδάσκεις PAI 2S You are teaching
διδάσκει PAI 3S He is teaching
διδάσκομεν PAI 1P We are teaching
διδάσκετε PAI 2P Ye are teaching
διδάσκουσι PAI 3P They are teaching
ἐγείρω PAI 1S I am raising up
ἐγείρεις PAI 2S You are raising up
ἐγείρει PAI 3S He is raising up
ἐγείρομεν PAI 1P We are raising up
ἐγείρετε PAI 2P Ye are raising up
ἐγείρουσι PAI 3P They are raising up
εἶ PAI 2S You are
εἰμί PAI 1S I am
ἐστί PAI 3S He is
εἰσί PAI 3P They are
ἐσμέν PAI 1P We are
ἐστέ PAI 2P Ye are
ἐσθίω PAI 1S I am eating
ἐσθίεις PAI 2S You are eating
ἐσθίει PAI 3S He is eating
ἐσθίομεν PAI 1P We are eating
ἐσθίετε PAI 2P Ye are eating
ἐσθίουσι PAI 3P They are eating
εὑρίσκω PAI 1S I am finding
εὑρίσκεις PAI 2S You are finding
εὑρίσκει PAI 3S He is finding
εὑρίσκομεν PAI 1P We are finding
εὑρίσκετε PAI 2P Ye are finding
εὑρίσκουσι PAI 3P They are finding
ἔχω PAI 1S I have, am holding
ἔχεις PAI 2S You have, are holding
ἔχει PAI 3S He has, is holding
ἔχομεν PAI 1P We have, are holding
ἔχετε PAI 2P Ye have, are holding
ἔχουσι PAI 3P They have, are holding
θέλω PAI 1S I am wishing, willing, desiring
θέλεις PAI 2S You are wishing, willing, desiring
θέλει PAI 3S He is wishing, willing, desiring
θέλομεν PAI 1P We are wishing, willing, desiring
θέλετε PAI 2P Ye are wishing, willing, desiring
θέλουσι PAI 3P They are wishing, willing, desiring
κρίνω PAI 1S I am judging, deciding
κρίνεις PAI 2S You are judging, deciding
κρίνει PAI 3S He is judging, deciding
κρίνομεν PAI 1P We are judging, deciding
κρίνετε PAI 2P Ye are judging, deciding
κρίνουσι PAI 3P They are judging, deciding
λαμβάνω PAI 1S I am taking, receiving
λαμβάνεις PAI 2S You are taking, receiving
λαμβάνει PAI 3S He is taking, receiving
λαμβάνομεν PAI 1P We are taking, receiving
λαμβάνετε PAI 2P Ye are taking, receiving
λαμβάνουσι PAI 3P They are taking, receiving
λέγω PAI 1S I am saying, speaking
λέγεις PAI 2S You are saying, speaking
λέγει PAI 3S He is saying, speaking
λέγομεν PAI 1P We are saying, speaking
λέγετε PAI 2P Ye are saying, speaking
λέγουσι PAI 3P They are saying, speaking
μένω PAI 1S I am abiding, remaining
μένεις PAI 2S You are abiding, remaining
μένει PAI 3S He is abiding, remaining
μένομεν PAI 1P We are abiding, remaining
μένετε PAI 2P Ye are abiding, remaining
μένουσι PAI 3P They are abiding, remaining
πιστεύω PAI 1S I am believing, having faith (in)
πιστεύεις PAI 2S You are believing, having faith (in)
πιστεύει PAI 3S He is believing, having faith (in)
πιστεύομεν PAI 1P We are believing, having faith (in)
πιστεύετε PAI 2P Ye are believing, having faith (in)
πιστεύουσι PAI 3P They are believing, having faith (in)
σώζω PAI 1S I am saving
σώζεις PAI 2S You are saving
σώζει PAI 3S He is saving
σώζομεν PAI 1P We are saving
σώζετε PAI 2P Ye are saving
σώζουσι PAI 3P They are saving
Created by: YoungTranslatorU
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