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Med Terms and Abbv

Medical terminology and Abbreviations

root main part of a word and tells what the word is about
prefix added to the brgining of a word root
suffix added to the end of a word root
a, an without
intra inside, within
macro large
ab away from
ad toward
mal bad
ante before
micro small
anti against
mono single
bi both, two
neo new
brady slow
ortho straight
circum around
pan all
pseudo false
contra against
super above
ex out, from
Dys painful, difficult
hyper excessive, above, more than
hypo deficient, below, less than
acro extremeties
aden gland
angio vessel
arterio artery
arthro joint
blepharo eyelid
brachi arm
bronchi bronchial
bucca cheek
carcin cancer
cardio heart
caud tail
cephal head
cervic neck
cholecyst gallbladder
cranio skull
dactyl fingers, toes
edema swelling
myo muscle
ocul eye
osteo bone
necr death
odont tooth
soma body
stoma mouth
phleb vein
ovi egg
procto rectum
throbo clot
rhin nose
crine secrete
desis surgical fixation
ectomy surgical recmoval
lysis destructionn
ia a disease
pertaining to ic, ical, is
imflammation itis
oma tumor
orrhea flow
ology study of
plasty surgical repair
pathy disease
pexy fixation
plegia paralysis
spasm contraction
um pertaining to
y act or result of an action