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The Czech Republic Qs and As

Where is CR situated and what countries does it border? The Czech Republic lies in central Europe. It borders on Germany (longest frontier – in the west), Poland (in the north), Austria (in the south) and Slovakia (in the east)
What are the most important mountain ranges in the CR? The Krkonose mountains – the highest mountain is Snezka (1 603); The Orlicke Mountains, , the Jeseník Mountains, the Moravian-Silesian Beskydy, Šumava
What are the longest rivers in the CR? The longest rivers are the rivers Vltava, Elbe and Morava.
What does the legend about Father Czech say? The old legend says that Father Czech came with his people to Bohemia, climbed up the hill Říp and looking around gave order to his people to settle in this fertile country.
What are the most important industries in the CR? The most important part of our economy is engineering (machines, motorcars, locomotives, tractors, trams, …) , metallurgical , chemical industries. Textile and glass industries have a long tradition.
What are the main agricultural products? Wheat, maize, sugar-beet, grapes, hops and fruit. Czech farmers also raise relatively large numbers of pigs, cattle or sheep. Keeping fish has a long tradition, too.
What nationalities live in the CR? The major nationalities living here are Bohemians and Moravians(94%)Minority groups include Slovaks, Poles, Vietnamese, Roma, Germans, Ukrainians and Russians.
What is the area of the CR? Almost 80 000 (78.864)
What is the population of the Czech Republic? About 10 mil. inhabitants.
What historical parts does the CR consist of? Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia
What tribes inhabited the area of CR in ancient times? Celtic and Teutonic tribes
When did Slavic tribes come to the area? in the 6th century
What was the first political unit in the region called (9th century)? The Great Moravian Empire
What do you know about the Premyslid dynasty?
What do you know about the reign of Charles IV? Under his rule, the country became part of the Holy Roman Empire, Prague was a political and cultural centre of Europe. (Charles University, Charles Bridge...)
Who was Jan Hus? A religious reformer who was burnt at stake in 1415. His ideas inspired the Hussite movement.
When did Habsburgs came to the Czech throne? 1526, after the battle of Mohács
What is the climate in the CR like? temperate, continental climate, relatively hot summers and cold, cloudy winters, usually with snow. Most rains-during summer. Temperature difference between summers and winters-relatively high due to its landlocked geographical position.
What are the coldest and hottest months in the CR? The coldest -Jan.,Feb. and Dec - usually snow in the mountains, sometimes in lowlands. Warmest - July, Aug. and June. Summer temperatures -about 20 °C higher than during winter. Summer is also characterized by rain and storms.
What year was the independent Republic of Czechoslovakia formed? Who was the first president? 1918, Tomas Garigue Masaryk
What can you say about Moravia? Typical feature of its southern part is wine farming, which is possible becous of its hot and humid climate. In South Moravian villages, almost every house has its wine cellar.
What do you know about the Moravian Karst? The Moravian Karst with underground caves is decorated with stalactites and stalagmites of different shapes and colours. The cave labyrinth can be seen from boats floating on the underground river called the Punkva.
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