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OB unit 3


Antepartum before birth; prenatal
Ballottement term used in examination that the fetus can be moved around in the pregnant uterus
Braxton Hicks Contractions painless uterine contractions occur periodically throughout pregnancy
Candidiasis (moniliasis) yeast infection caused by candida albican's characterized by profuse white, churdy discharge that is extremely irritating to the vagina and vulva
Chadwick's sign purplish discoloration of vagina, cervix, and vulva: seen after 4th week of pregnancy
Chloasma Blotchy brown areas pigmentation occurring on the face during pregnancy
Colostrum yellowish fluid secreted by the breasts during the latter part of pregnancy 3/4 days postpartum when it's replaced by milk
Goodell's sign softening of the cervix and vagina caused by increased vascular congestion
Gravida pregnant women; and pregnancy including current pregnancy regardless of duration; number of pregnancies
Hegar's sign softening of the lower uterine segment
Linea nigra dark line appearing on the abd, extending from the pubis toward the umbilicus del pregnant women
Para refers to past pregnancies that have produced a viable (20 wk) infant, whether or not infant dead or alive
Pica eating of a substance not ordinarily considered edible or to have nutritive value
Trichomonas vaginalis Organism causing a vagina infection characterized by profuse irritating, yellowish-green vaginal secretion w/ unpleasant odor; intense itching
Trimester 3-month period; pregnancy is divided into 3 trimesters
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